Laser Mole Removal: Procedure Cost of Laser Face Mole Removal

Laser Face Mole Removal

In general, a mole is a blemish in any part of the body that could be used as an identifying mark if it is quite pronounced. It could come in many different sizes, shapes, and color. Although it is mostly harmless, some could be very unsightly or located on areas where they can be irritated easily – like on the nose. Thus, a lot of those who have moles want to remove them, mostly for esthetic purposes.

  • Lasers are the only permanent and safe method to remove moles.
  • Beams of laser lights are passed on the mole to break down or burst the darkened pigments.
    The laser will cauterize the blood vessels so that there is no blood lost in the process. Cauterization also ensures that no stitches are sutures are needed to seal the possible wounds.
  • Most of the time, patients want to undergo mole removal if the mole is on the face where it is prominent and constantly seen.
  • Laser is approved for use on the skin to remove the mole safely.

Laser Mole Removal Cost

  • Because the mole sizes and shape could vary, the cost of the procedure could also vary.
  • The removal of moles is usually categorized under optional procedures so that this is not covered by medical insurance.
    Exceptions to this do happen if the mole is a hazard or is causing a medical problem.

Laser Mole Removal Procedure

  • The area to be treated is prepared by numbing it with local anesthesia.
  • If the mole protrudes slightly on the skin, the physician might have to scrape the top part to make it consistent with the surrounding skin. However, if the protrusion is significant, laser surgery is not an option.
  • Laser beams are used over the mole to break down its dark pigments.