Laser Corn Removal: Treatment Cost of Foot Corn Removal Procedure

Laser Corn Removal

Corns and calluses are thickened parts of the skin found on the feet. They can be caused by a number of things and they can also be very painful and ugly to look at. Corns can be removed in a number of ways and laser removal is one of the most popular.

This is a corn removal method that makes use of high powered, medical grade lasers to burn off corns. The procedure is done by a professional technician and can take a single treatment or a succession of treatments to complete.

Foot Corn Removal Treatment

There is very little pain felt during the procedure as the overgrown tissue itself does not contain a lot of pain receptors. However, patients may experience some discomfort and doctors will usually use some topical or local anesthetic for pain management.

The treatment length can be as short as 15 minutes, but it can also take several hours. The length of the process is usually dependent on how big and how invasive the corn has been.

Laser Corn Removal Procedure and Cost

The procedure of corn removal is a straightforward one.

It makes use of a guided laser in order to get rid of the excess tissue by burning it off. In the process, the virus responsible for the growth can also be eliminated.

The cost of corn removal using lasers will depend on a number of factors. They include:

  • Extent of the Procedure – How large the corn is will affect the price
  • Technology Used – The type of laser used is going to affect the price as well

The length of recovery or downtime is going to depend on the location of the corn. Those who are found in places that will not obstruct footwear will give patients a short downtime. Corns found on the ball, heel, or on the sides of the feel may be need a longer downtime.

In general, the effect of the procedure will heal in 7 or 10 days. However, patients will be up and walking long before that.