Hi Def Liposuction Advantages: High Definition Lipo In Men Cost

Over the year body sculpting and liposuction techniques have advanced considerably. There are several revolutionary devices which have the ability of body sculpting with high definition which can help in optimum and ideal body contouring. It can also help in body sculpting in men who desire a muscular physic and six pack abs.

These high definition liposuction technique or hi def liposuction techniques have greater advantages over the other liposuction techniques which are attributed to advanced lipolysis system and multiple wavelength laser output. Hi def liposuction cost varies depending upon the extent of body sculpting required.

What Are The Advantages Of Hi Def Liposuction?

Some of the leading advantages of hi def liposuction over conventional liposuction techniques include the following,

  • The results of the body contouring are highly predictable and excellent.
  • The procedure is associated with minimal pain and bruising. It is also associated with a quick recovery of the individual after the procedure.
  • The technique is gentle and can even be performed under local anesthesia.
  • It is associated with minimal scarring which also hastens the recovery of the patient.
  • Tissue coagulation further helps in skin tightening which contributes to a younger and healthy looking skin.
  • The procedure can be performed on an outpatient basis.

High Definition Liposuction For Men

As per leading cosmetic surgeons in the United States, men are more attracted to hi def liposuction compared to females. As per the leading cosmetic surgeon in United States, Dr. Millard, about two third of his clients are males. There are some unique features of use of hi def liposuction in men,

  • Conventional liposuction techniques usually attract males with a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 30 or above, however hi def liposuction technique even attracts male patients with BMI of 22 to 25 (i.e. individuals who are not actually obese).
  • Hi def liposuction procedure can be used effectively to sculpt any part of the body, however most males interested in hi def liposuction are more interested in sculpting their abdominal and chest muscles.
  • ┬áThe other muscles that are sculpted by men with hi def liposuction technique include biceps and triceps of the arm, pectoralis muscles of the chest, quadriceps and thigh muscles, trapizius and neck muscles, etc.
  • On an average a male between the ages of 20 to 40 years can return to normal activity within one week of hi def liposuction procedure, while males above the age of 65 years may take about two to three weeks to return to the gyms.
  • This technique is beneficial in males who are healthy with local deposits of fat. This technique is not recommended in morbidly obese individuals, smokers, individuals with heart problems, elevated cholesterol, diabetes or hypertension. Also individuals on certain medications such as aspirin or anti coagulants like wafarin are also not suitable for hi def liposuction.

Cost Of Hi Def Liposuction

On an average the cost of hi def liposuction would be approximately USD 5600 for specific procedures, though the cost may vary slightly depending upon the location and the experience and expertise of the plastic surgeon.

Estimates suggest that the procedure is more expensive in New York, Toronto, London, etc. compared to other cities like San Antonio, Columbus, El Paso, etc.

Traveling to international destinations like Thailand, Malaysia, India, Korea, etc. will help you get cheaper options of hi def liposuction.