Fraxel Laser Aftercare: Recovery Time of Fraxel Laser & Side Effects

Fraxel Laser Treatment Side Effects

Fraxel laser is a type of FDA-approved laser procedure used for a variety of treatments and cosmetic procedures. It can be used for skin tightening to flatten the belly, reduce jowls, remove wrinkles, and many others.

  • Those who have undergone Fraxel laser procedures are instructed to undergo certain procedures to take care of the treated area. These procedures may not seem very important and could seem absurd to some but these are actually very important. In fact, many of the aftercare procedures are almost as important as the Fraxel laser procedure itself.
  • The following after care procedures are very important to promote healing and prevent negative effects:

o Keep the area clean but wash it only twice a day with soap-free cleanser. Washing more than twice a day could irritate the skin. Ask the doctor what cleanser to use. Do not rub the skin but pat it dry very gently.

o It is important to keep the skin moisturized at all times. This can be done using emollient creams/lotions.

o It is also important to avoid direct sun exposure for about 2 weeks. If this could not be avoided, apply plenty of sun block and use hats, umbrellas, and appropriate clothing.

o Rest well and avoid stressful activities and situations. Sleeping well can help hasten healing as the body can replenish the lost energy and cells more quickly.

o It is also important that the patient eat healthy food, especially those with vitamin C.

o It is also good to avoid alcohol, regulated substances, and cigarettes.

Fraxel Laser Recovery Time

  • Fraxel laser treatments are often aggressive so recovery time could be a bit longer than other laser procedures. Also, different persons will have different recovery times. Thus, the exact recovery time will differ among patients. It could take weeks or months for the treated area to fully heal.