Double Chin Surgery: How Much is Cost of Double Chin Laser Surgery

Double Chin Laser Surgery Treatment

The appearance of a double chin does not rely solely on excessive amounts of fat around the area. It can happen to both males and females at any age or circumstance. Modern surgical methods can remove the unsightly double chin without worries.

  • One of the routine surgeries available reduces or removes the appearance of double chin.
  • It can be performed through many ways.
    1. Surgical tools can remove double chin through the popular method of liposuction, which eliminates the fat.
    2. With a neck lift, the muscles in the neck are tightened after getting rid of the fat in the chin area.
    3. Face lift and chin tucks are also done but may take longer healing periods.

Double Chin Surgery Cost

  • Depending on the qualifications of the surgeon and the location of the facility, the fee for double chin surgery may vary.
  • Intensive surgeries tend to cost more than the simple double chin removal procedure.
  • The surgeon would discuss to the patient all the information needed including how much a double chin surgery is, which can reach up to several thousands.

Double Chin Laser Surgery Information

  • New methods in laser liposuction can effectively melt the fat in the neck area while at the same time, tightening it.
  • Normal liposuction leaves sagging or loose skin but with laser surgery, the skin is tightened during the process.
  • The treatment only takes less than an hour to perform.
  • Patients would usually wear a chin strap a 2 to 3 days after the surgery. Within a week, they can return to their regular routines.