Cold Laser for Weight Loss: Fat Removal Using Low Lever Laser Therapy

While there are still researches ongoing for the effectiveness of cold laser to help with weight loss, it has already been approved in 2001 by the US Food and Drug Administration. Many have lined up to try such a treatment that is non-invasive and painless.

Cold Laser Fat Removal Treatment

  • Cold laser therapy is also known as low lever laser therapy or LLLT, laser acupuncture, and soft therapy.
  • Low laser therapy does not emit heat that causes side effects such as burning of the skin, hence the name cold laser.
  • The therapy is considered an alternative to weight loss methods and is likened to acupuncture treatment.
  • The laser is positioned over certain trigger points on the body to help shift the inner energy of the patient.
  • Cold laser therapy for weight loss should not be used alone.
  • Cold laser is considered an adjuvant treatment, meaning it should be used with proper diet and exercise.

Cold Laser Fat Reduction Benefits

  • Cold laser is non-invasive, no device invades the skin. Only laser touches the skin of the patient during this treatment.
  • The procedure is painless. Although the procedure is likened to acupuncture, no pain is felt because no needle is used.
  • Cold laser therapy helps patient feel full faster thus helping with weight loss.
  • Low level laser fat removal helps to change the physiological desires of the patient when it comes to food.
  • Cold laser therapy has lesser side effects because it uses low level laser. No heat is emitted from the laser causing common laser side effects such as burning of the skin.
  • Sessions are short and patients are mobile. After a cold laser therapy, patients can immediately return to their prior activities such as work without experiencing any side effects such as weakness or dizziness.