Male Infertility Varicocele Symptoms: What Causes Azoospermia?

Among infertility in both genders, it is infertility in males that gets noticed first. Given a man’s role in the reproduction process, this is not at all surprising. However, infertility in males is often just the beginning of an agony as it can lead to depression.

There are various causes of infertility in men; one of the prominent causes is varicocele. It is the varicose vein of scrotum and testicle. In varicocele, the blood gets pooled in veins of testis and scrotum. Testis gets shrunk as a result there is decrease of sperm production and motility of sperm.

When there is absolute lack of sperm production, the condition is called azoospermia.

Causes Of Male Infertility Azoospermia

The term refers to a condition wherein a man is rendered infertile due to the presence of varicose veins in the testicles. The chances of having infertility due to varicocele are even greater among men who are experiencing secondary infertility.

  • The varicoceles occur when blood in the testicles do not circulate properly. Because of this, the temperature in the testicles rises, leading to abnormal testosterone levels. Because of this, proper and sufficient production of sperm is greatly hampered, rendering a man impotent.
  • A rare occurrence in male infertility varicocele is the fact that it occurs mostly only on the left testicle. While no sufficient explanation for this has been forwarded, such is the condition in almost 90% of cases.
  • The condition is also one of the causes of male infertility. Because of the blockage in the testicles and the high temperature therein, sperm production runs to almost nil. In fact, in some cases of Azoospermia, varicocele is one of the most common causes.
  • Hormonal and bodily changes are one of the common factors that cause infertility in males. The former is of particular value because any hormonal changes are bound to trigger changes in sperm production as well.
  • Smoking, drinking, and lifestyle changes are also factors that cause infertility in males. In some cases drug abuse is also the culprit. Likewise, even if there is no drug abuse but if the male is on a constant medication for an illness or a disease, sperm count may fall. This is a common effect of taking vasodilators.
  • While some males are unaware of it, dieting and too much physical exercise can sap their bodies of necessary hormones that are needed for sperm production.

Symptoms Of Infertility In Men

Due to the fact that there are various causes why males become infertile, it is difficult to establish male infertility based on outward signs alone. In fact, it is only through laboratory tests that a man is established to have some form of infertility if his sperm count is lower than 500,000 per milliliter of semen.

  • In most cases, the condition is signaled by the presence of pain that may range from slight to heavy. The pain becomes pronounced especially during ejaculation or during urination.
  • In cases where the condition is suspected but not proven, one way to determine is for the patient to undergo ultrasound or venography. In the case of the latter, a dye is injected into the vein and the patient is X-rayed to see if the dye can travel normally.