Male Infertility Symptoms & Physical Signs: Natural Home Remedies

Male infertility is a common problem, but as men are reluctant to speak up their problem, it is difficult in many cases to detect it as there are no obvious symptoms in many males. Male infertility occurs when he is not able to produce sufficient number of sperms required for fertilization.

It may also occur when the sperms are obstructed in the genital tract from ejaculating out due to some reason. Or it may be due to lack of erection. Many cases of male infertility can be corrected with home remedies, supplementing with vitamins, herbs and proper dietary regimen.

Symptoms Of Infertility In Men

The term refers to the signs that a man is unable to conceive. This definition presupposes that the man’s partner is in good health. Some of the symptoms of male infertility are the following:

  • Aside from the inability to conceive, some infertility symptoms in men are directly related to a man’s sexual potency. So if a male is unable to achieve an erection, some of these cases may be related to infertility. Failure to achieve erection is also one of the physical signs of infertility in men.
  • Other signs of infertility in men have something to do with their attitude toward sexual intercourse.
    If a man losses the passion for it, then it may be a sign of infertility.
  • Failure to ejaculate is also a common sign for infertility in men. In fact, one of the earliest signs of infertility is precisely this, and this is one of the most accurate indicators of infertility. However, if he is taking medications or under some medical condition, infertility may be temporary and may resume the moment his health is restored.
  • Pain and swelling in testis.
  • Hormonal and chromosomal disorders which may manifest with many symptoms of that particular disease. For example, hair loss or decreased hair on face may be one of the symptoms if the patient is suffering from thyroid problem.

Other symptoms of infertility depend on the underlying cause of a man’s infertility.

Physical Signs Of Male Infertility

From the outward, there is nothing definitive that can tell of male infertility. Aside from failure to achieve erection, the closest physical clues only offer faint signs of infertility. Some of these clues are the following:

  • Most males who suffer from infertility are generally unhealthy, and this may show on the outside. This includes having dull-looking skin.
  • In some cases, male infertility symptoms can be manifested by the state of a man’s genitals. Most such sufferers have wrinkled genitals denoting age, although this is not a regular indicator. Moreover, signs do vary from case to case.

Natural Home Remedies For Male Infertility

  • Vegetables: Vegetables are known to increase the sperm count, especially those containing vitamin A, C, and E. Eat tomatoes, green vegetables, lady finger, spinach, etc for healthy sperm production.
  • Fruits: Banana is an effective fruit in correcting male infertility. Eat 3 to 4 bananas in a day. Pomegranate and figs are another important fruits to correct infertility in males. Eat fruits which are rich in vitamin C such as oranges, kiwi fruits, etc.
  • Sea food contains proteins and vitamin A. Especially fish contains good amount of vitamin A. Pumpkin seeds, almonds contain vitamin E which is beneficial for the growth of sperms.
  • Abstinence makes the sperm grow stronger. If you are facing problem with your sperm count, abstain for few days prior to the woman’s fertile period to let the sperm build up. Then do intercourse every alternate day.

Certain over the counter drugs can depress the sperm count. Consult your medical practitioner before you take any medicines. Also chronic alcohol is known to cause loss of libido. Avoid alcohol.