Laparoscopy Endometriosis Infertility: Recovery, Cost, And Procedure

Laparoscopy Endometriosis Infertility Procedure

Endometriosis occurs when the endometrial glands that usually line the inside of the uterus are displaced and found outside the uterus on the pelvic and abdominal structures. When a woman suffers from endometriosis, she becomes infertile, a condition known as endometriosis infertility.

The most modern method of treating endometriosis is laparoscopy. Laparoscopy is a surgical procedure of making small incisions with the aid of a camera. It is used for pelvic and abdominal operations.

Laparoscopy Endometriosis Treatment Advantages


  • With laparoscopy, the wounds sustained are small, so the chances of infection are much less.
  • The camera’s aid ensures that the doctors can diagnose correctly and avoid error because they can see exactly where their instruments are going.
  • Women undergo laparoscopy endometriosis infertility treatment because the chance of conception increases.

Laparoscopy Endometriosis Recovery

  • Because of the general anesthesia applied, the patient will feel cold upon awakening. It’s good to have warm blankets on hand.
  • Sore throat may be experienced for a few days because of a tube inserted through the mouth. This will eventually disappear.
  • Pain in the shoulder will be felt due to the gas used that gets pushed to the diaphragm.
    To relieve this, heat or analgesics can be used.
  • During the following couple of weeks, the patient should avoid strenuous activities, shouldn’t drive, but should try to move around to speed up the recovery.
  • If the patient feels strange pains following the treatment, she should talk to the doctor.
  • Be especially kind to yourself during the recovery weeks. Wear loose clothing.

Laparoscopy Endometriosis Cost


  • For different hospitals, the costs will vary. But generally however, your health insurance covers the costs.
  • Consider the fact that there will be more than one specialist doctor with you, whose professional fees will add to the overall cost.

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