Increase Sperm Volume Naturally: Boost Sperm Count without Pills

Many couple can get frustrated that after how many years of marriage they still cannot have a child. Indeed procreation is fundamental nature of every human person. A low number of sperm is a common reason why couples remain childless over years of marriage. Usually a sperm count is done. An ejaculation is made prior to the analysis. When the diagnosis of low sperm count is made, a couple is usually instructed to refrain from intimacy for about two months. Other doctors would recommend pills; however, side effects of pills can be cause many discomforts.

How to increase sperm volume Naturally without pills?

Here are some pointers to increase sperm count naturally, that you should follow:

  • Hydrate yourself. Drink plenty of water. Remember that semen is mostly composed of water. Dehydration can also lead to fatigue and exhaustion.
  • Eat a nutritious diet. Food in the diet serves as fuel for sperm production. A healthy diet means a healthy sperm. Celery has androsterone, while oysters, bananas, avocados, and nuts have zinc. These substances are known to boost up sperm volume.
  • Don’t forget your vitamins.
  • Exercise. Move your butt and do some good stretching.
    Exercise at least 30 minutes a day (5 minutes for warm up, 20 minutes for the exercise, and 5 minutes for a rest) is adequate.
  • Stop smoking. If you are dead serious to have a child, you should quit smoking. Smoking is proven to affect sperm production.
  • Rest and sleep. Get adequate hours of sleep to prevent fatigue and exhaustion.
  • Relaxation techniques.
  • Do not use tight undergarments because it constricts the testicles and may cause damage.

Some couples want an easy solution. They want to know ways on how to increase sperm volume fast. Some of them even spend a fortune to do this. Not knowing there are simple yet effective ways on how to increase sperm volume fast. How fast is fast?  That should be about three to six months since the sperm naturally matures for about three months. You don’t want to have some abnormalities so don’t alter nature. It would always start from you. Modify your diet, cut down bad vices, protect your testis, stay away from stress, and always have a positive attitude are some ways on how to increase sperm volume fast. Make it as natural as possible.