Chinese Herbs For Fertility: Natural Herbs To Increase Fertility

Since ancient times Chinese herbs were used to enhance fertility in women and men. Chinese herbs address the under lying issues related to infertility such as blocked fallopian tubes or fibroid of uterus. They help the woman to conceive by balancing the hormonal level in woman who suffers from infertility due to this issue.

Natural Chinese Herbs To Increase Fertility

Some of the Chinese herbs used for fertility are:

  • Red raspberry leaf- Rubus idaeus: it contains an alkaloid called fragrine, it has the property and prepares the muscles of pelvis and uterus in particular for conception.
    Besides it has antioxidant properties which enhances the immune system and fertility. Vitamin E helps to maintain proper circulation in the uterus and other reproductive organs.
  • Rhemannia glutinosa- shu di huang: this longevity herbal tonic helps anti-aging, and increases sexual potency in both men and women. It increases the blood circulation in pelvic area and thus benefits men to maintain libido and fertility.
  • Ginseng: it is a popular fertility tonic used in Chinese herbal medicine therapy, it has potent power to increase sperm motility, and sperm count and testosterone level in males.
  • Cynomorium- suo yang: it is a tonic for men and women; it increases blood circulation, immune system and balances the body hormones.
  • Cuscuta chinensis – to-si-zi-cuscuta: it prevents miscarriages, treats dryness in vagina and frigidity in women.

Side Effects Of Chinese Herbs For Fertility

Some of the side effects of Chinese herbs for fertility are:

  • Dong qui is the Chinese fertility herb, but in some cases it flares up the latent herpes infection or a person who is suffering from herpes should not take this drug as it increases the virulence of the disease.
  • Cancer patients who are on chemotherapy also should avoid Chinese herbs for fertility.
  • Chinese herbs for fertility are contraindicated in pregnant women.