What Causes Warts On Your Tongue? Its Symptoms And Treatment

Besides being the strongest muscle of the body, tongue is an important organ without which you cannot speak or eat. It’s an organ to taste the food. The surface of tongue contains plenty of tiny papillae which are actually the organs that determine the taste as well as sensation on the tongue. Several diseases can change the color of the tongue and its coating. One such problem is warts on tongue.

Warts On Tongue Causes

These bumpy lesions on tongue are caused due to Human papilloma virus, they are also called HPV. Warts on tongue are a sexually transmitted disease.

There is definite history of exposure. Kissing a person suffering from oral warts or performing oral sex with an infected HPV person are two important causes for development of warts on tongue.

It is the same virus which is responsible for genital warts. The virus can cause warts on any part of body surface, but it has special affinity towards muco-cutaneous surface. The possibility of contracting the disease increases many folds when the wound is open at the time of performing oral sex. If the person has open wound in mouth and if he performs oral sex or kisses intimately an infected person, the risk becomes too high.

Symptoms Of Warts On Tongue

Warts on tongue can be easily detected on examining the oral cavity. HPV usually have an affinity for mucus surface and for this reason tongue and mouth becomes an easy target.

  • There can be single wart on the tongue surface or there can be multiple lesions on the dorsal surface of the tongue.
  • The lesions are very small and they burst and spread to the surrounding region.
  • They appear are red bumps on the surface of tongue.
  • They are usually seen on the tip and on the sides of the tongue.

Warts on the sides of tongue are more troublesome than those present on the surface of the tongue.

This is because there is invariable friction with teeth when they are present on sides. Constant friction can burst the warts and sometime leave behind scars.

Treatment For Warts On Tongue

Warts on tongue caused as a result of HPV infection are difficult to treat. There is no specific and simple cure for it. The cure is palliative. Even with antivirus medications, HPV viruses are not killed completely. Besides, many times removal of wart leaves behind scar tissue.

In most cases, the patient is treated symptomatically. This means if the patient has difficulty in eating and drinking, he is advised to apply local antiviral cream.

  • Topical anesthetic cream helps to reduce pain and burning sensation on tongue and makes eating and drinking easier.
  • Another option is to remove it surgically. It is more suitable when warts are too large and patient finds it obstructing.
  • Warts on tongue can also be removed with laser.
  • Homeopathic medicine Thuja is beneficial in any type of warts.