Home Remedies For Notoedric Mange In Humans: Causes And Symptoms

Notoedric mange is primarily a type of mange which affects cats. However, it can also spread to humans and other animals such as rabbits, foxes, dogs etc. A close contact with infected cats can pass on the problem to humans. The causative organism responsible for its spread is called Notoedres cati.

This mite burrows in cats skin and lays eggs. It leads to severe itching, formation of scales and scabs with subsequent loss of hair in cats. Usually the Notoedres mites burrow on the border of cats ears and if not treated, it spreads throughout the body.

In humans, the mites can cause severe itching, rash on the skin surface, but it is not as severe as in feline. Notoedirc mange does not survive long in humans and they die even without treatment, however, treatment is aimed to alleviate itching and skin irritation which sometimes may lead to secondary bacterial infection.

Causes And Symptoms Of Notoedric Mange

Notoedres cati is a mange mite which is responsible for Notoedric mange in humans. This mite primarily affects cats. It produces severe itching, scabs and scaly lesions on cat’s skin. Infections in humans occur due to close physical contact with infected cats.

Close skin contact while playing with infected cats can transmit the mite on human skin.

Adults as well as children both can suffer from notoedric mange. The mange mites have serious consequence on cats. If the condition is not treated, it can spread and create irreparable problems in cats. However, in humans notoedric mange is relatively mild and does not produce any major problem except severe itching and redness.

They do not live long on human skin. They die after a few days even without treatment. In few individuals, especially those who are immune-compromised, notoedric mites can become dangerous. Persons maintaining poor hygiene are also susceptible to secondary bacterial infection.

Home Remedies For Notoedric Mange In Humans

Since the primary source of infection is cats and other animals, the need of the hour is to treat them extensively. Notoedric mange is not very harmful to humans. They die within few days even without treatment. The main aim of treatment in humans is to alleviate symptoms produced by notoedric mange.

Severe skin itching and irritation with redness can be controlled by applying soothing cream and lotions. Applying aloe gel helps to reduce itching and redness produced by this mite. In some cases, cold fomentation for few minutes also helps to relieve the condition.

Treating cats at the same time is essential because even after complete cure, a person can be infected again if he comes in contact with the same affected cat. Treatment for cats requires thorough shampooing and cutting its long hair. Dipping in chemical disinfectant solutions will ultimately kill the mites on cats and avoid chances of re-infection in humans.

How To Prevent Notoedric Mange

Prevention of notoedric mange is best measure to reduce affliction from this condition. Cat owners should keep their feline inside the house. This will reduce the exposure of mites from other cats and domestic animals like rabbits and dogs.

If a cat is infected with the mite, the first step is to reduce physical contact. Keep the infected cat in a confined place and simultaneously treat the condition. It will also limit the spread to others in the house.