Symptoms Of Mosaic Warts On Feet: Its Causes And Natural Remedies

Mosaic warts are type of plantar warts which grow in clusters. Mosaic warts are so called because of their appearance similar to mosaic tiles. They are usually found on soles of feet but sporadically they may also develop on hands and other parts of body.

Mosaic warts are extremely painful as they are most often found on the heels and on the front part of sole. This is the area where the sole is compressed more while walking. Because of the weight and compression while walking, mosaic warts grow deep inside the sole.

Although warts disappear after a period of time, many people seek treatment to remove them due to pain and soreness it produces while walking. Mosaic warts can be removed by several dermatological techniques in a doctor’s office. There are several home remedies which are found as effective as conventional treatment, besides they are economically cheaper.

What Causes Mosaic Warts On Feet?

The cause of mosaic warts is similar to any other warts. It is a viral infection. Warts are caused by a strain of human papilloma virus. Human papilloma virus has many strains; Mosaic warts are caused by HPV1.

Other strain of HPV virus can cause more serious types of warts on anus and genital area. HPV1 virus enters the body through cuts and bruises, mainly in the feet.

Once it enters the body, the virus may stay dormant for a while until it finds suitable atmosphere to multiply and form warts. As with any virus infection, when your immune system is down, HPV1 become active to form warts. HPV1 virus can live for a long time on wet surface. This is the reason mosaic warts are common in people who walk bare foot on tiles surface of swimming pool and public showers. Cracks and fissures in soles and foot make them vulnerable to this infection.

Plantar warts are not hereditary, but to an extent they are infectious. If someone having cuts and scrapes in his feet comes in direct contact with warts he may probably catch the infection and develop warts. However, why some people remain unaffected even after the exposure is still remains unclear.

Mosaic Warts Symptoms

Mosaic warts are a type of plantar warts which are packed together in a small area of skin. There are cluster of warts in one area. They resemble similar to mosaic tiling and therefore referred as mosaic warts. They are common on sole of feet. They can be present on both or one feet.

Usually plantar warts develop on weight bearing of sole such as the heel and ball of feet. They are deep seated and protrude slightly on the skin. They are rough on the outer surface. Upon close inspection it may reveal small black spots which are tiny blood vessels. Mosaic warts are painful, especially when you walk.

Natural Remedies For Mosaic Warts On Bottom Of Foot

Mosaic warts are deep seated warts and most often they develop on soles and feet. Since they are deep seated with a rough surface on the exterior they are difficult to remove instantly, but after a period of time mosaic warts disappear with home remedies.

  • Placing a duct tape over mosaic warts is found effective in removing them. Most warts disappear within one month after the use of duct tape. Cover the warts with duct tape for seven days. If the duct tape falls off replace it with the new one. After seven days remove the duct tape and soak your feet in warm water for few minutes. Clean and dry the area with a towel. Use emery board to rub the area. Again apply the duct tape for next seven days. Follow the routine several times until the warts disappear.
  • Apply cream containing salicylic acid at night before going to bed on mosaic warts. Salicylic acid cream is available over the counter in medical shop. It may take few weeks or months to dissolve mosaic warts on feet. It should be applied only on the warts and spare the skin surrounding the area. If the area becomes extremely tender, stop applying for two to three days.
  • Homeopathic medicine Thuja is also effective in removing warts. Apply Thuja ointment on mosaic warts. Together with Thuja ointment, take Thuja pills of 200 potency.

The other common treatment for removing mosaic warts are cryotherapy. It is a procedure where the wart is freezed with liquid nitrogen. This treatment is performed in doctor’s clinic.

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