What Causes Herpes On Your Nose? Symptoms And Home Remedies

Herpes is a viral infection caused by a strain of virus called herpes virus 1 and herpes virus 2. Herpes virus 1 (HSV1) is also called herpes simplex. HSV 1 is responsible for what we commonly refer as cold sores. Genital herpes is mainly caused due to HSV 2 strain of herpes virus. HSV 1 infection is mainly found around the mouth and nose.

This painful condition is characterized by pain and sudden development of tiny blisters filled with fluid. Herpes on nose though not life threatening condition is extremely discomforting for the patient.

It may occur frequently in people with compromised immune system. Herpes is not completely curable but it may relapse for a long time. Home remedies are useful to alleviate and shorten the course of illness.

What Causes Herpes On The Nose?

Herpes infection is caused by strain of herpes virus. It can occur anywhere on the skin surface, but more common in and around mouth including nose. Herpes infection can be primary or recurrent. Primary infection is when the person is exposed for the first time to the virus. Only few cases of primary infection develop sores after exposure.

The fluid filled sores on nose and around mouth may develop within 20 days after exposure.

Herpes on nose and elsewhere occurs after a close contact with an infected person or sharing of infected material such as towel, tea cups and utensils etc. Once the primary infection heals, the virus stays in the nerve cells and may cause recurrent breakouts at suitable interval. People with low immunity, those under stress, too much exposure to sunlight, fever, trauma on or around the nose are factors to trigger a recurrent attack of herpes.

Herpes Symptoms On Nose

Herpes on nose may develop within 20 days of the first exposure with an infected person or a material. Spread occurs through close contact.

  • Prior to development of blisters the affected person may experience burning and tingling on the nose. This may last for 2 to 3 days. There may be no other sign or symptom.
  • After two to three days, red rash appears at the afflicted site. Within few hours or a day, tiny blisters may be seen. They are filled with fluid.
  • There may be clusters of blisters or few blisters. The bumps are extremely painful and burning. Patient is unable to bear this pain. Itching may or may not be present. However, touch can exacerbate pain.
  • Within three days the blisters may burst open and fluid may flow out from the blisters. This is the contagious stage of herpes. Millions of virus are released which may infect a person who comes in close contact.
  • After the break, the scabs may form on the sore. Healing takes place with scab formation. In few days scab falls out leaving behind healed skin. Usually there is no residual scar left behind.

The virus is not killed but resides in the nerve cells. Recurrence may occur after few weeks or months. But the attack is not as severe as the first.

Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Herpes On Nose

Herpes on nose is not a dangerous infection, but at the same time it needs medical attention due to its virulence and fear of spreading to other people. Anti viral medicines are used to shorten the period and reduce pain. On the other hand home remedies are also effective.

  • Wash the area with saline nasal solution. Salt has mild antibacterial and anti viral properties. It helps to clean the area and clear blockage present inside the nose due to cold.
  • Apply witch hazel as its calming properties help in alleviating burning pain.
  • Lysine is known to heal cold sores. Lysine is an amino acid and it is found in potatoes, brewer’s yeast and milk and other dairy products. You can eat foods that are rich in lysine. One the other hand apply cold milk containing lysine to soothe burning and discomfort.

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