Bloody Nasal Discharge And Sinus Infection: Cause & Symptoms

A small volume of nasal discharge is important as it keeps the nasal lining lubricated and moist. It prevents dryness inside the nose. The discharge also prevents dust and foreign microorganisms from entering into the back of nose and in the lungs. It flushes out bacteria and viruses from entering into the system through breathing.

Sometimes the nasal discharge can become nuisance if it is large in volume. It usually occurs when there is an infection, either viral or bacterial. The mucus discharge can be watery or thick, but sometimes it is laced with streak of blood.

One of the common causes of nasal bloody discharge is sinusitis. Sinuses are air filled pockets in the facial skull bone. They are situated near the nose.

Millions of people all over the world suffer from sinus infection, mainly caused due to viral infection. Bacterial infection is usually secondary to the viral infection. Sinus infection can be acute or chronic. Chronic sinus infection lasts for more than 12 weeks.

Symptoms Of Sinusitis And Bloody Nasal Discharge

The hallmark symptom of sinusitis is yellow or greenish nasal discharge. It is often tinged with blood. Bleeding occurs due to minor strain and tears in the mucus lining of the sinuses and nose.

In sinus infection streaks of blood may be present in the nasal discharge. There is no frank blood seen oozing out of nose in sinus infection.

Together with thick, yellow or orange bloody discharge, sinus infection also causes severe headache and nasal congestion. Sinus infection also causes other symptom such as reduce smelling due to congestion. Post nasal drip, cough, bad breath is other common symptoms mainly encountered by patients suffering from chronic sinus infection. Patient also complains of tenderness in the facial region, sore throat, mild to moderate fever, pain in upper molars.

Acute nasal sinus infection usually lasts for 7 to 10 days. It develops after common cold. Patient in such condition needs only symptomatic treatment such as steam inhalation, nasal saline irrigation, warm soups, enough intake of water and anti inflammatory medicine if there is pain. Warm fomentation also helps to relieve pain and tenderness seen in sinus infection.

How Does Sinus Infection Cause Bloody Nasal Discharge?

Sinus infection prolonging for a period of time or becoming chronic may be caused due to certain complications such as nasal polyp. Polyps in nose and sinuses are benign tumors. Such growths when irritated due to sneezing can cause episodic bloody discharge from nose. Polyps are often observed in people suffering from recurrent episodes of sinus infection.

In rare instances cancerous growth in nose can cause symptoms similar to sinus infection. In children nasal bloody discharge is common occurrence of impacted foreign body. Accidental insertion of foreign body in the nose is common in children. Children often insert a bean or a peanut in the nose. This if not removed may cause nasal congestion.

Although in most cases the suspected cause of bloody nasal discharge is easy to identify and the symptoms easy to manage, it is important to seek medical attention if there is recurrent or persistent bloody nasal discharge. It is essential to rule out any serious medical illness.