Neuralgia Headaches | Symptoms and Homeopathic Headache Remedies

Neuralgia of the Head and face

When specific nerves in the head (particularly trigeminus nerve) are stimulated painfully, these headaches occur. Change in weather and exposure to wind are the factors that cause these headaches. Physical or emotional stress, dental problems, ear and neck problems can increase the pain. In some cases, the causes are unknown. These headaches often affect only one side of the head. Confirm with your physician that possible organic causes are ruled out.

Symptoms and Remedies for Neuralgia Headaches

  • Severe, cutting pain with feeling of numbness and tingling; often caused by cold winds, including current of cold air while driving, and open windows; the painful area of the face is swollen and reddened; anxious; very nervous.

Worse – in the evening, at night
Better – warmth, rest
Remedy – Aconitum 200

  • Stabbing and burning feeling, as if a hot needle is being pierced; also numbness and tingling; face is pale and cold; very restless and anxious, disagreeable nature.

Worse – in cold, at midnight
Better – warm compresses
Remedy – Arsenicum album 200

  • Stabbing, pounding, pulsating pain; usually on one side only, radiates into ears and teeth; painful area of the face is reddened and hot, while the other half is pale; general over-sensitivity.

Worse – wind, stress, nights, coffee
Better – driving, motion
Remedy – Chamomilla

  • Heavy splitting pain, usually on the right temple, radiates into the upper jaw; often concentrated above the right eye; forehead very sensitive to pressure; severe, forceful damaging pain.

Worse – touch, motion, early morning
Better – eating
Remedy – Chelidonium majus

  • Severe, one sided pain in the upper and lower jaw, numbing or stabbing; starts in the morning and after breakfast.

Worse – resting, weekends, on vacation, fresh air
Better – activity
Remedy – Iris

  • Sudden tightening pain; in short, lightening attacks; often one sided moves down the face into the neck; face often reddened; general exhaustion.

Worse – motion, touch, cold, cold water
Better – pressure, warmth
Remedy – Magnesium phosphoricum

  • Pounding pain that moves from the neck across the center of the skull to the right eye; usually starts early in the morning; returns periodically after several days, particularly during menopause.

Worse – light, sun, noise
Better – eating, sleeping, lying down
Remedy – Sanguinara canadensis

  • Severe, burning, pulsating pain, often into the neck and shoulders; also in the lower jaw or the eyes, tearing pain; starts in the morning, is worst by noon and ends in the evening; often during damp or cold weather.

Worse – noise, motion
Better – lying down, quiet
Remedy – Spigelia