Causes Of Nervous Headaches: Its Symptoms And Homeopathic Cure

Nervous headaches are often caused by hidden or suppressed anger, irritation, rage, frustration, time pressure, loud noises and stage fright in those generally being overly sensitive. And those who experience repeated occurrence of nervous headaches should spare some time for themselves in order to regain their sense of balance.

Avoid television, alcohol, tea and coffee.

Nervous Headaches Symptoms And Homeopathic Cure

  • Sharp and unpleasant (piercing) pain inside the head, often in the right or left temple; dizziness; very anxious and also impulsive; nausea with vomiting.

Worse – Mental strain, lack of sleep
Better – Cold compresses, pressure
Remedy – Argentum nitricum

  • Severe pain in the front of the head that travels all the way to the back of the head, neck and shoulders.
    Wants to be left alone, nervous exhaustion, sad, silent and bad tempered.

Worse – Motion of any kind and in the mornings
Better – Pressure, rest, quiet
Remedy – Bryonia

  • Pounding pain, usually on one side; face also is reddened on one side. Angry, impatient, over-reactive and overly sensitive.

Worse – When given words of comfort, when angry, lack of sleep, coffee
Better – Out driving in a car, cold food and drinks
Remedy – Chamomilla

  • Stabbing, pulsating pain as if a nail is being pounded. All senses are over-stimulated; wound up mentally and physically.
    After positive surprises, cannot sleep.

Worse – Motion, noise, light
Better – Cold compresses, rest
Remedy – Coffea

  • Stabbing, pounding pain that circulates or feels as if nails are pounded into the temple. Worried, very emotional and contradictory. Sick with anger, strong urge to urinate and vomiting.

Worse – In the morning, conversation, smoke, coffee, nicotine, light.
Better – Sighing, lying down, food
Remedy – Ignatia

  • Headaches from stress – that includes mental overwork and being under time pressure. Overly sensitive, disapproves things. Often accompanied by problems with digestion, choleric.

Worse – Sun, cold, in the morning
Better – Lying down, short nap, warm room
Remedy – Nux vomica

  • Piercing and burning pain in the forehead, usually above one eye. Anxious, annoyed, very excited, but little staying power; nausea. Especially found in children.

Worse – When excited, in the mornings
Better – Sleep, cold air, cold food, when given comfort
Remedy – Phosphorus

  • Piercing and moving pain in the forehead and above the eyes. It feels as if the head is going to burst, often on the right side. Dizziness, dissatisfied, very gentle but moody.

Worse – Mental strain, warmth, in the morning
Better – Motion, fresh air, when given comfort
Remedy – Pulsatilla D12

  • Pulsating, severe pain on one side in the temple and one eye. Severe tearing; starts in the morning, is worst at noon and ends in the early evening. Unreasonable fears, all senses are overly sensitive.

Worse – Noises, motion
Better – Lying down
Remedy – Spigelia

  • Severe attack of pain in the forehead. Piercing pressure; nervous; anxious; lack of concentration and internal restlessness. Particularly for those who work mentally.

Worse – Strain, rest, in the morning
Better – Rubbing, motion
Remedy – Valeriana