Homeopathic Migraine Headache Relief Treatment, Remedies, Causes

A sudden contraction of the blood vessels in the head causes migraine headache. Numbness in the area of the head or the limbs, vision problems, nausea and vomiting, dazed feeling and severe sensitivity to light are some of the symptoms of migraine headache. As a resultant of the dilation of the blood vessels, severe often one sided headaches set in.

Various factors may set off a reaction like alcohol, hormonal imbalance, emotional stress, medication, nicotine, citrus fruits, cheese, nuts and cocoa products.

The diagnosis should always be done by a physician. The below mentioned remedies might be able to shorten the duration of an attack, but the complaints will not he healed immediately.

Migraine Headache Symptoms And Remedies

  • Severe pain in the right temple and right side of the face, gray spots appear in front of the eyes, pain appears and disappears suddenly. It starts in the morning and is worst at noon but gets better by the evening.

Worse – smoke, odor, mental stress
Better – quiet, wrapping head tightly

Remedy – Argentum nitricum

  • Vision problems for short period, dark spots or sparkles appear in front of the eyes, one sided headache with pressure mounting in the blood vessels or unpleasant severe cold in the head.

Worse – stress, wetness, cold

Remedy – Calcarea carbonica

  • Dizziness while turning; flickering sparkles in front of the eyes; stabbing pain in the temple and forehead, starts in the morning.
    Person is sad, touched, exhausted.

Worse – outdoors, lying on the back, during difficult menstruation, lying on the painful side
Better – warmth, being alone

Remedy – Cyclamen

  • Blurred vision; double vision and crossed eyes; dizziness. Severe pain starts in the neck and travels from the back of the head to the left eye; face is hot and reddened; extreme exhaustion.

Worse – fog, damp weather, in the morning, sun, stress, motion.
Better – urinating and when head is held in an elevated position

Remedy – Gelsemium

  • Blurred vision; pounding headache from the back of the head to the eyes; sour, bitter tasting vomit that does not bring relief and nausea. Often after mental stress, on weekends or on vacation.

Worse – cold air, quiet
Better – motion

Remedy – Iris

  • Vision disturbed by zig zag lines, losing sight for brief period, pounding pain, mostly on right side, pale face, anemia, unforgiving nature, introvert.

Worse – about ten o’clock in the morning, when comforted, noise, motion
Better – when alone, lying down, quiet, in the evenings

Remedy – Natrum chloratum

  • Unclear vision; everything appears bigger than its actual size; extreme pain as if a nail is being pounded into head, starts at the left side; pressure at the center of the head; bones in the neck make cracking sound in the morning; nervous, sudden, uncontrollable movements of the upper lip.

Worse – beginning in the morning, into afternoon
Better – rubbing, evening

Remedy – Niccolum

  • Blurred vision often due to overly stressed eyes, squeezing-pain from the back of the head to the temple and eye sockets, usually on the left side, dizziness and co-ordination of movements disturbed.

Worse – when lying down, in the dark
Better – eating, lying on back, sleeping

Remedy – Onosmodium