Irritability And Anxiety: Symptoms And Homeopathic Remedies

Irritability is the early sign of overwork and strain. It can also be the result of crisis in a relationship or fear of failure and family problems. Irritability is usually accompanied by fear, sadness, insomnia, nervous restlessness and mood swings.

Remedy: Acidum hydrochloricum can be used for the following symptoms

  • Angry, very irritable, worry about the future, silent, sad and withdrawn.
  • Worse – In the morning, noise, when comforted and when it is cold.
  • Better – When you sleep, at rest and when it is warm.

Remedy: Bryonia can be used for the following symptoms

  • Irritable, angry if not left to oneself, reserved, impatient and won’t talk openly about problems, overwhelmed and worry about the future.
  • Worse – In the mornings and by motion.
  • Better – Fresh air and at rest.

Remedy: Chamomilla can be used for the following symptoms

  • Highly irritable, restless, oversensitive, temper tantrums, unsure of what they want, dissatisfied, anger, exaggerated reaction to every demand.
  • Worse: In the evening and at night, when angry, when touched, after drinking coffee.
  • Better: Driving a car or when left alone.

Remedy: Colocynthis can be used for the following symptoms

  • Quickly angered, rage, impatience, sees only the negative side of things, offended.
  • Worse – Talking and when excited.
  • Better – When it is quiet, warmth, rest and after taking coffee.

Remedy: Lilium tigrinum can be used for the following symptoms

  • Extreme temper tantrums, making mistakes while talking, reading and writing. Fear of contracting an incurable disease. Worries, thinking a lot about moral dilemma and doesn’t like to be talked to.
  • Worse – When comforted.
  • Better – In fresh air.

Remedy: Lycopodium can be used for the following symptoms

  • Irritable, sharp tongued, angry, pretends to be strong, dominant and controlling, fear of failure when confronted with anything new.
  • Worse – When clothing is too tight, in the morning and between four and eight in the evening.
  • Better – In fresh air and when moving.

Remedy: Nux vomica can be used for the following symptoms

  • Extreme rage due to mental fatigue or over stimulation of the senses. Ambitious, impatient, too concerned about small details. Usually involves the misuse of stimulant and medication and worries too much about health. Particularly for men.
  • Worse – Cold, confrontation and worries at work.
  • Better – In the evening, after a short nap and resting.

Remedy: Sepia can be used for the following symptoms

  • Rage, verbally abusive, fighting with others due to total exhaustion. Particularly for working women and mothers.
  • Worse – Cold and stuffy air.
  • Better – Moving outside and sleep.

Remedy: Staphysagria can be used for the following irritability symptoms

  • Episodes of extreme rage after having controlled anger for a long time. Extremely sensitive to people’s opinion about them. Suffer much due lack of confidence and authority and shaking when extremely excited.
  • Worse – When excited, drinking and eating.
  • Better – Rest, during the night, fresh air, walking and warmth.