Homeopathic Remedies For Headaches From Muscle Tension & Hangover

People who work while sitting will suffer from muscle tension in the neck and shoulder area. This muscle tension reduces the flow of blood and thereby oxygen to the head. This leads to headaches and other complaints.

People suffering from this type of headache should check the conditions of their work place. They should assume correct posture; get the height of the chair corrected. They should check if they have any other tension and pressures or if they have taken on too many responsibilities then they can handle.

Symptoms Of Headaches From Muscle Tension

  • Heaviness in the back of the head and the neck, overwork, worry, tiredness during the day, no sleep at night, even little efforts seems like a big task.

Worse – Warm room, in the morning.
Better – Lying down, rest, fresh air, cool temperature.
Remedy – Acidum picrinicum

  • Heavy pain from the neck up to above the eyes, top of the head experiences bursting pain, neck and shoulders are very stiff and tight, very nervous.

Worse – Menopause, mental effort, cold weather.
Better – Warmth
Remedy – Cimicifuga racemosa

  • Difficulty in holding the head up due to heavy pounding and pain in the forehead and neck, stress and worry, nausea, dizziness, overwork (working late hours).

Worse – Coffee, lying on the back, driving a car.

Better – Short nap or lying down.
Remedy – Cocculus

  • Continuous (non-serious) heavy pain from the tip of the head to the shoulders, neck feels as if it is being squeezed, feeling of wearing a hat. Usually occurs because of test anxiety and stage fright.

Worse – Warmth, in the morning.
Better – After urinating
Remedy – Gelsemium

  • Stabbing pain, often in the back of the head and above one eye, neck and shoulders are severely tensed, too much coffee, alcohol and nicotine, mentally overworked, under time pressure.

Worse – Sun, cold, in the morning.
Better – Short nap, lying down, warm room.

Remedy – Nux vomica

Symptoms Of Headaches From Hangovers

These headaches occur after too much alcohol, nicotine and food after an all night party.

  • Dull, numbing headache and nausea after consuming too much alcohol, particularly sour wine and sour food.

Worse – Warmth, in the morning, sun.
Better – Cool air, fresh air
Remedy – Antimonium crudum

  • Headaches with deep, loud thumping sound, dizziness, digestive problems, nausea, lack of sleep due to too much of alcohol, nicotine and rich food.

Remedy – Nux vomica

  • Especially for introverted, sensitive people who are bothered by smells’ and tobacco smoke.

Remedy – Ignatia