Homeopathic Medicines For Headaches From Overwork And Exhaustion

Mental and/or physical stress, overwork, eyestrain or working under a deadline usually cause acute headaches. They often occur in combination with lack of sleep.
If suffering from these types of headache one should get sufficient amount of sleep, reduce and/or re-organize the work load and take regular breaks.

Exhaustion Headache Symptoms And Homeopathic Medicines

  • Pain (pressing like a weight) all the way from the back of the head to the forehead. Dizzy feeling when getting up. Usually due to emotional, but also due to mental overexertion. Total lack of interest or enthusiasm. Often during puberty

Worse – In cold weather, warm rooms, mornings, light, motion and speaking.

Better – When given comfort, bed rest, fresh air, warm compresses and liquid diet.
Remedy – Acidum phosphoricum

  • Bursting pain that often starts at the neck. Total exhaustion due to overwork; tired during the day, wide awake or adventurous at night. Everything is too much to bear; effort of any kind leads to fatigue. Often for school children.

Worse – Warm rooms and in the mornings
Better – Lying down, cool fresh air, quiet
Remedy – Acidum picrinicum

  • It feels as if head is held firmly between two jaws. Bursting pain as if hit by a pole.
    Very sensitive, forgetful and suspicious. Lack of concentration; dizziness; usually after a mental strain.

Better – From eating
Remedy – Anacardium

  • Stubborn headaches in children, on the top of the head. Suffers from lack of sleep; makes excessive demands.

Worse – Change in weather, fresh air
Better – Lying down, eating, midday napping
Remedy – Calcarea phosphorica

  • Pounding, strong regular movements of pain at the temples, as if head is going to explode. Physically exhausted; skin on top of head feels numb. Mentally alert but cannot concentrate. Often due to anemia.

Worse – Cold air, touch, noise, excitement
Better – Gentle motion, pressure
Remedy – China

  • The headache in the forehead and neck is uncomfortable, strong and hard to bear. Lack of sleep due to night work. Mentally overworked; nausea; dazed and dizziness.

Worse – Excitement, eating, motion, driving a car
Better – A short nap, lying down
Remedy – Cocculus

  • Pulsating, pounding, stabbing pain also at the back of the head. Face reddens and feet go cold when in pain. Hair roots are painful and so hairs are not firmly fixed. Often due to anemia.

Worse – After any type of effort, including mental
Better – After getting up in the morning, lying down, walking about slowly
Remedy – Ferrum metallicum

  • Stress headaches due to mental overexertion. Overly sensitive; too much alcohol, nicotine; choleric. Under time pressure the person is troubled. Disapproving (too concerned about smallest of details).

Worse – Light, sun, in the morning, cold, noise
Better – A short nap, lying down, warm room
Remedy – Nux vomica

  • Dull pain from the neck to the forehead. Feels weak and exerted mentally and physically. Anxious, sad without hope. Occurs in children

Worse – Noise, motion
Better – Pressure, wrapped up warmly
Remedy – Silicea