Symptoms Of Seed Tick Bites: How To Remove Seed Ticks At Home?

The larval form of ticks is called seed ticks. Seed ticks are tiny and consist of six legs as compared to adult ticks having eight legs. Ticks can infest humans as well as animals. They bite and burrow into the skin. The bites of seed ticks can cause intense itching in both animals as well as humans. Since this form of ticks resembles tiny seeds they are referred as seed ticks. We all know ticks often cause infections as they carry microorganisms.

Although seed ticks are small in size they are as potent as adults.

They dig into the skin and suck blood. They also pass diseases in humans similar to adults. They can transmit diseases such as rocky mountain fever and tularemia. Since they can causes diseases they need to be removed and the bites treated.

Usually antibiotics and anti histamines are useful in treating the condition. However, they should also be removed properly.

Symptoms Of Seed Tick Bites

Seed ticks always are not carriers of any pathological disease. In such case they may not produce any symptom. At the most they can cause itching and bump like swelling on skin surface, especially if the person is allergic.

However, if they are carriers of pathological organisms, they can produce diseases and the symptoms of these diseases. The symptoms may vary according to the disease, for example;

Symptoms of Rocky Mountain fever:

  • Rashes on extremities, especially on wrist and ankles.
  • Muscular pain.

Symptoms of Tularemia:

  • Sudden onset of high fever followed by profuse sweating.
  • Enlarged spleen.
  • Swelling on skin at the affected site.
  • Swelling of lymph nodes.
  • If mouth is the portal of entry, it can result in inflamed tonsils and mouth ulcers.
  • Lymph nodes remain enlarged for months.

Symptoms of Lyme disease:

  • High fever without any reason.
  • Rapid heartbeat.
  • Ringing sound in ears.
  • Rashes in the area of seed bites.

How To Remove Seed Ticks At Home?

The most important thing in seed tick infestation is to remove the ticks from the body. Antibiotics play an important role in treatment of symptoms produced by seed tick bite. Few home remedies also work well to remove the ticks. If you are coming in contact with your pet animal, you should also treat the pet.

  • Seed ticks appear as tiny dots on the skin. There are plenty of them on a given particular site of the skin. The first step is to remove the seed ticks. Do not remove seed ticks with your hand. Use a knife to scrape the ticks. You can also use tweezers to remove the seed ticks. While removing use magnifying glass to visualize tiny seed ticks.
  • Masking tape is another method to remove seed ticks. Place the tape over the area firmly. Now pull the tape with force at one time. The ticks that are stuck to the tape should come out.
  • If the ticks do not come out with the tape, you have to use shampoo that removes lice.
  • To alleviate itching, apply ice cubes wrapped in a towel over the area.
  • Applying aloe vera juice on the area is also a natural remedy to treat seed tick bite.