Protecting Yourself From Radiation Exposure: Herbal Remedies

Since the discovery of radioactive material by noble laureate Marie Curie, it has been used for many purposes. Radioactive material and its application have been proved to be a boon for mankind. However, radioactive material is a double edged sword, its application in medical sciences and for production of energy as radioactive fuel is beneficial.

Exposure to radioactivity beyond the safe limit is considered to be a radiation hazard. It can cause reparable or irreparable damage to our body and its cellular structure. Radiation exposure or radiation hazard can be distinctly classified into two categories;

  • Individuals working in radiation areas like atomic reactors, mines, and radiological departments.
  • Radiation exposure in general population due to atomic bomb explosion, nuclear reactor accidents, radiotherapy.

The main effects of radiation exposure as we all know are:

  • Carcinogenic effect (cancer causing effect).
  • Effect on the whole body.
  • Effect on genes
  • Effect on body tissues
  • Effects on cells

Besides this there are so many other socioeconomic consequences of radiation exposure among people living in the contaminated areas such as psychological effects, loss of job, deterioration in women reproductive health, low birth rate etc.

So the obvious question that arises in your mind is how to protect yourself from radiation in case of its exposure.

How To Protect Yourself From Radiation?

Timely administration of potassium iodide is a treatment of choice followed all over the world in case of catastrophic event, such as accidental leak from a nuclear reactor. If this simple compound is ingested soon after the exposure in its concentrated form, it prevents or restricts the dose of radiation from the radioactive isotopes of iodine to the thyroid and thus decreases the risk of thyroid cancer. It is extremely important for children, and pregnant women to take potassium iodide if they have been exposed to atomic radiation above the safe limit.

Usually potassium iodide tablets are stocked in abundance around nuclear power plants and nuclear facilities for its rapid distribution in case of nuclear emergency.

Besides radioactive iodine other nuclear material which can spread in the environment easily is cesium 137 and plutonium. The half life of cesium is much more than that of half life of iodine 131. And therefore it is a big threat to human beings in a long run. To protect cesium 137 poisoning, you can eat food that is rich in potassium. Foods that are high in potassium completely stop the absorption of cesium. So a person should eat foods such as sea vegetables, avocados, cauliflower, cabbage, green leafy vegetables etc.

Herbal Remedies For Radiation Exposure

There are many herbs and foods that have been found to be useful in protecting against the bad effects of radiation, because of their antioxidants properties. Antioxidants are useful in destroying the free radicals that are found in the body.

  • Eating turmeric is also effective natural way in dealing with radiation exposure. Curcumin, an active ingredient present in turmeric is known to protect the body tissue from radioactive assault. It is important for protection against development of breast cancer.
  • Another herb that has proved effective in radiation exposure is Rosemary. The two important ingredients of rosemary are carnosic and rosmarinic acid. Both fight against radiation that causes damage at cellular level and also act upon the free radicals that are damaging the genes.
  • The herb cilantro is known to remove heavy metals from the body and the herb Dandelion is known to protect liver from bad effects of radiation exposure.
  • Some of the vitamins are also useful in protecting the body against radiation such as beta-carotene, vitamin C, vitamin E and vitamin K. Vitamin C repairs the damaged cells after the exposure to radiation. Include foods that are high in these vitamins such as carrot and carrot juice, lime and oranges, etc. Eat dairy products that contain calcium and magnesium.