What Causes Burning Sensation In Nose: What Are Its Remedies?

Burning sensation in nose occurs when the sensory nerves in the nose gets irritated or damaged. Those who are prone to allergic rhinitis or hay fever during seasonal changes know how annoying the condition is. Other symptoms such as nasal congestion, watering and burning of eyes, body ache and headache often accompany burning in nose. Treating burning sensation in nose brings immense relief to the patient as it also alleviates other irritating symptoms such as watery nose and burning of eyes.

Burning Sensation In Nose Causes

Many of us may have experienced burning sensation in nose sometime or the other in our life.

Below are given some of the common and frequently encountered conditions that may cause burning sensation in nasal cavity.

  • Allergy is one of the most common causes for burning sensation in nose. It can be a seasonal allergy or an allergy associated with pollution. Certain gases and smoke released from chemical substances may pollute the air and find their way into the nose and air passages. The sensitive mucus membrane and the sensory nerves may react to these gases giving rise to burning sensation in nose.
  • If you rub your nose frequently with a rough cloth when you are suffering from cold and watery nose, the chance of burning nose increases many fold.
  • Your nose may also burn, if you inhale too much of hot steam. Overexposure to sun may give rise to burning sensation and sunburn on the external surface of the nose.
  • Chemical and acid fumes can damage the mucus lining in the nose. This may result in burning sensation in nose.
  • Certain medications are known to cause dryness of nasal mucus membrane. Too much dryness in nasal cavity results in burning inside the nose.
  • Allergy to certain foods can also lead to burning and inflammation in nasal mucus membrane.
  • Nose picking and digging can make the nasal lining dry, which in turn can cause burning sensation in the nose.
  • Diseases such as multiple sclerosis, stroke can cause burning sensation in the nose.

Home Remedy For Burning Sensation In Nose

Treating the underlying cause alleviates nasal burning. There are some home remedies which may help to relieve burning sensation.

  • Apply aloe vera gel in the nose. Aloe vera is a natural remedy which lubricates and soothes the nasal passage. It reduces irritation and inflammation in the nasal mucus membrane, thus helps to calm down the nerves and burning sensation.
  • You can also apply thin layer of Vaseline inside the nose, when the climate is dry and it becomes the cause for burning sensation in nose.
  • Apply cool water on the external nasal area if there is sunburn. You can also apply aloe vera gel.
  • If nose is congested, steam inhalation may help to reduce inflammation and burning sensation.
  • Patient should be told to avoid digging and picking of the nose. It irritates the nasal lining and causes burning sensation.
  • Avoid fumes of acid and chemicals that are responsible for burning sensation. Wear a nose mask when there is too much of pollution in the atmosphere.
  • If the cause is due to food allergy, then identify those foods and try to avoid them.