Sharp Chest Pain: Stabbing, Severe Chest Pain in Left and Right Side

Sharp Chest Pain Left, Right Side

A sharp chest pain may be related to a cardiovascular disorder or a respiratory tract disease. The cause may start off in any part of the body namely, the lungs, stomach, esophagus, heart, muscles in the thorax, or the bone.

By and large, a sharp chest pain in left side, turns out to be a cardiac related pain. More so, if there is a personal or a family history of angina or cardiac arrest.

Stabbing pain on right side can have a range of reasons. The common reasons for chest pain are mentioned below.

Stabbing Chest Pain Causes

  • Heart attack is the most common cause. The pain may also refer to the back, jaw, teeth, neck, arms, and shoulders. Gasping for breath, sweating, giddiness, and nausea are associated symptoms.
  • Angina occurring due to restricted blood flow to the heart causes tightness in the chest.
  • Pericarditis causes excruciating chest pain. This occurs when the sac enclosing the heart gets inflamed.
  • Aortic dissection causes sudden, shooting pains.
  • A coronary artery spasm temporarily shuts out blood supply to the heart, causing pain.
  • Heart burn and acidity is the commonest non cardiac cause.
  • An anxiety-panic attack is also a common cause.
    It is associated with by palpitations, hyperventilation, excessive perspiration and breathlessness.
  • Pleurisy is the inflammation of the covering of the chest and causes pain, fever, coughing and extreme breathlessness.
  • Achalasia occurs when the LES does not function appropriately, and causes a reflux of food.
  • Shingles causes excruciating chest pain and large blisters form on the chest wall.
  • Gallbladder disorders also cause pain which radiates to the chest.

Sharp Chest Pain Treatment

Treatment for severe chest pain depends on the correct diagnosis. Appropriate investigations need to be carried out, and the physician will embark on the most suitable treatment.

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  1. Sandy said:

    I just read your information on sternum injury. I had a severe fall flat on my face, chest and right knee. I am 77 years old with poor stability. I tripped on a chair leg. Two days later pain in my chest area exacerbated. I went to hospital and numerous x-rays, etc were taken. I was sent home from emergency with instructions for ice pack and breathing practice. I fell down on 9th of Feb and today is 21st.

    After 12 days I still have pain in my right side under the breast. The pain is a bit less after using ice but there are times when it gets pretty bad. I will try using hot compress after reading your article. I am very pleased and less anxious now.

    February 21, 2017

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