Mini Stroke Symptoms: Transient Ischemic Attack Treatment and Causes

Transient Ischemic Attack Symptoms

Mini stroke is known as transient ischemic attack (TIA). TIA lasts for few minutes, and it occurs when the amount of blood supply in a particular part of the brain is temporarily stopped or interrupted, due to a minute blood clot.

Within five years, in 30 per cent of TIA patient’s, stroke can be a possibility.

Mini stroke happens prior to the ischemic stroke in nearly 50% of the cases.

The mini stroke symptoms occur suddenly and depend on particular part of the brain that is affected.

For e.g. if a particular part of the brain controls hand movement which gets affected, than that person will find difficulty in writing and holding articles for few seconds to minutes.

In the same way if a particular part of the brain for speech, or vision is affected, than he may temporarily be unable to see or speak.

Usually brain center which controls movement of hands and legs and sensation of hands and legs is affected in mini stroke.

He may manifest

  • Weakness in one arm or a leg or leg muscle.
  • Numbness of face or arm or leg.
  • Unable to speak for few moments.
  • Loss of vision in one eye temporarily.

Causes of Mini Stroke

  • Tiny clot in the brain artery.
  • Blood clot from other focus in the body.
  • Blood vessel injury
  • Blood vessel narrowing.
  • Atrial fibrillation
  • Spasm of brain arteries.

Treatment of Mini Stroke

  • The aim of the treatment of transient ischemic attack is to prevent stroke in future.
  • A person suffering from TIA may be advised for hospitalization for observation purpose.
  • He may be checked thoroughly for underlying heart and other conditions.
  • Medicines for thinning blood may be given to the patient by his doctor to prevent clots.
  • In rare cases surgery may be advised if the neck arteries are clogged.