How To Raise Blood Pressure Quickly: Increase BP Naturally

Hypotension or low blood pressure is associated with several problems including fainting, dizziness and light headedness. In such situations it is important to raise the blood pressure of the body quickly and naturally.

How To Raise Blood Pressure Quickly?

Remaining hydrated is critical to ensure optimum blood pressure. A minimum intake of three liters of water is recommended in an average adult. Intake can be in the form of water, beverages, fresh fruit juices, etc. avoid alcohol or soda which tend to cause dehydration and can further lower the blood pressure

Increase Blood Pressure Naturally

As per a study published in the Journal of Internal Medicine, coffee helps raise blood pressure moderately.

However, prolonged consumption of coffee has not be associated with harmful increase in blood pressure levels

Consuming small quantities of food at frequent intervals are considered very helpful. After heavy meals, the blood circulation is diverted to the gastrointestinal system which in turn tends to reduce the overall blood pressure levels. Hence it is recommended that an individual with hypotension should have small meals.

Increase BP

Further, studies have suggested that using compression stockings and socks compress the veins in the feet, which further allow blood to return into circulation. This helps in increasing the blood pressure to moderate levels.

Foods That Raise Blood Pressure

Vitamin B5 is found to be highly beneficial for the heart. Increase the intake of wheat bran, sweet potatoes and organ meat which supports the production of aldosterone, an adrenal hormone which regulates blood pressure. Vitamin C also strengthens blood vessels. Citrus fruits are a common source of Vitamin C.