Why Do I Have Heart Palpitations Only At Night?

Palpitation is a condition of heart where it beats at a rapid rate than normal. A person can experience this sensation when there is actual abnormality in heartbeats or in case when the patient becomes extremely aware regarding his own heartbeats. Rapid heartbeats can occur anytime at night as well as during daytime.

Often palpitation at night is not a concerning problem, except for few conditions. It is usually a discomforting experience for the patient. Heart palpitations which are not linked to arrhythmias or any other serious heart ailment can be easily controlled and cured.

What Causes Heart Palpitations Only At Night?

Palpitation is awareness by the patient of his heartbeats. They are rapid and irregular heartbeats. In majority of cases palpitation experienced at night is not different in its rate and rhythm than that during the day. One of the causes of palpitation that occurs at night is the way a person sleeps.

Person sleeping on left side or on the back may feel the sensation of his heartbeat. It is because the vagus nerve is compressed. Vagus nerve is an extremely important nerve. It is a parasympathetic nerve which has some form of control on rate of heartbeats.

When the nerve is pressed, the impulse generated is conducted throughout the nerve. This impulse can cause awareness of heartbeats.

Heart palpitation at night can also develop after eating a large meal before you sleep at night. Some people may tend to develop increased heart rate after they drink coffee and tea. The caffeine present in tea and coffee may be responsible for palpitation, especially when you drink it at nighttime.

Exercising heavily in evening and before sleeping can also produce night time palpitation. Stress cannot be ignored to be one of the causes. It can also occur due to hyperthyroidism, where there is overwork of thyroid.

Palpitation can also occur due to different forms of arrhythmias, which is rapid rate of ventricular beats. Certain medicines are also known to increase the rate of heart.

Treatment Options For Heart Palpitations At Night

Palpitation at night may not be a dangerous situation in majority of cases. However, sometime it can be a cause of concern especially if there is arrhythmia. With no underlying serious heart condition, you can try to change your lifestyle which may be the reason for nighttime heart palpitation.

For example you can restrict drinking coffee and tea at night. Also stop smoking and drinking alcohol as both can be responsible for palpitation. If the underlying cause is medication, consult your doctor if he wants to change the medication. Yoga, exercise, meditation all can help to reduce the incidence of nighttime palpitation.

In many cases where cardiac pathology is involved, antiarryhtmic drugs such as beta blockers and calcium channel blockers will be useful. Sometimes more superior drugs will be needed to stop arrhythmias.

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