Is Heart Disease More Common In Males Or Females?

Medical science has made many advances which have allowed people to live longer and a healthier life. Researchers have invented drugs and ways to control and treat infectious diseases. They were one of the major causes of death in early part of last century. However, with change of time, we are dealing with different set of diseases which are similarly harmful to human health.

Heart disease is one such modern day health condition that has become a leading cause of death both in men and women. According to the medial fraternity heart disease is more common in men as compared to women before the age of 55 years.

Men are known to suffer heart attacks and angina at much early age. There are many reasons for this gender gap.

Why Is Heart Disease More Common In Males?

The diseases of heart are associated with the blood vessels supplying blood to the heart muscle, concerned with rate and rhythm and those affecting the valves. Blockage of cardiac vessels can be due to atherosclerosis, a condition in which there is buildup of plaque in the coronary arteries. This build up causes narrowing of the arteries and subsequently leading to complete or partial obstruction of the blood flow.

According to one theory more men suffer from heart attacks at an early age than women. The major cause is stress. Although societal structure in modern day has become more liberal and helped women to endeavor into various fields of male dominance, men at large are still vulnerable to early heart disease. One cause is men have to deal more stress due to heavy physical work as compared to women. Emotional stress is more harmful. While women can easily relieve their stress by crying and expressing their feeling to others, men are reluctant to do so because they fear that it may be unacceptable to society. Thus the vicious circle of stress revolves around him for a longer time which can be a contributing factor for coronary artery disease.

Obesity is considered to be a cause for heart attacks and other cardiac events. Excess deposition of fat in abdominal area among men is major risk factor for cardiac disease. In many women the deposition is more in buttocks and thigh area. More fat in abdominal area can also contribute to other diseases such as diabetes type 2 and hyperlipedemia.

The unhealthy behavior of men is also a contributing factor. Cigarette smoking, heavy alcohol intake, eating more of red meat, reduced sleep due to shifts in job makes men more vulnerable to catastrophic heart event at an early age.

Cholesterol plays a vital role in development of coronary artery disease. Here women are at an advantage, especially those who have not reached their menopause. They have higher amount of estrogen in their body. It has been found that estrogen increases high density lipoprotein, which is supposed to be good cholesterol. It also keeps check of low density lipid (LDL) the bad cholesterol. It provides protection from heart disease in women.