Types Of Cardiovascular Exercise: Indoor And Outdoor Cardio Exercises

Cardiovascular exercises are of many types, the main purpose of incorporating this exercise in one’s daily routine regimen is to keep the circulation and cardiac health to normal. Cardiovascular exercise involves the larger group of muscles such as the legs.

Types Of Cardiovascular Exercise

Cardiovascular exercise can be divided into different categories namely indoor exercise and outdoor exercise. Exercise with equipment and without equipments.

  • Indoor cardiovascular exercise: this exercise includes treadmills, climbing stairs, rowing machines, ladder climbing and stationary bicycles. This cardiovascular exercise can be done at home.
  • Outdoor cardiovascular exercise: this type of exercise includes walking, jogging, bicycling, swimming and jumping etc.

Indoor And Outdoor Cardio Exercises

  • Of the two types of cardiovascular exercises, the former requires equipments for exercising, while the later does not require any equipment.
  • Cardiovascular exercise or aerobic exercise increases your heart working capacity and there by increases your heart rate and circulation. It is intended to spend your energy and activate the metabolism.
  • Weight bearing cardiovascular exercise involves your feet and leg supports, this are running, walking, dancing and jogging. This exercise also strengthens the bones.

Benefits Of Cardiovascular Exercise

Non weight bearing exercise: the body gets support from the object such as a cycle in bicycling, swimming and rowing.

These exercises have low risk of injury than weight bearing cardiovascular exercise.

According to researchers, if you shake up your cardio exercise just for 30 minutes of moderate intensity at least 3 times a week you can lower your risk of problems such as poor memory and short attention span by up to 20%.