How To Get More Air Through Your Nose? Nasal Breathing Benefits

For most people breathing seems to be a simple concept and an involuntary act. They do not pay much attention whether they breathe from nose or from mouth. You will come across many people who breathe through mouth. These people often suffer from snoring, dryness in mouth, dental problems, sleep apnea etc. Medical and structural problems of nose such as deviated nasal septum, nasal polyps, food and dust allergy, etc all can cause nasal breathing a difficult task.

The way you breathe has many implications on your overall performance and health. Breathing through nose has many benefits and it also improves the quality of your life.

If you have find difficulty to breathe through your nose, here are some of the tips that will make nasal breathing much easier.

Natural Ways To Get More Air Through Your Nose

Breathing through nose is advantageous to your health. Here are some of the ways that will make nasal breathing comfortable.

  • Congestion of nose due to accumulation of mucus is often the culprit forbidding easy nasal breathing. The simplest way to clear the mucus from the nose is to instill few drops of saline solution in the nose. It clears off the congestion.
  • Clean your bed sheets at least two to three times in a week. It helps to prevent dust allergy which often causes nasal blockage.
  • Press one nostril with your thumb and breathe through the other nostril. Remove your thumb after one breath and do the same with another nostril. Repeat it for five to six times. It helps to clear the blockage if any so that you can breathe easily.

Health Benefits Of Breathing Through Nose

There are several health benefit for breathing through nose.

  • The hairs in your nostril acts as filters for the dust particles. It prevents dirt and dust from entering into the lungs. If there is too much of accumulation of dust particles in the nose, the nasal lining automatically secretes mucus to trap the offending particles. It produces sneezing which helps to expel the allergens.
  • Breathing through nose is important to keep a balance between oxygen and carbon dioxide in blood. If you breathe through your mouth, you are going to inhale and exhale more air. Large volume will lead to hyperventilation.
  • Nose breathing actually helps the air to move more efficiently into the lower lobes of lung which may not be much if you breathe through your mouth. It helps to saturate oxygen properly into the blood.
  • Breathing through nose allows the flow of air in lower lobes of lung. It strengthens the diaphragm in a long run.
  • Nose breathing is important for keeping good oral health. Mouth breathing dries the oral cavity, damages gums and teeth in a long run.
  • Breathing through nose helps to reduce snoring and is effective for deep and sound sleep.
  • Air that passes from nose into the lung is warm and moist. It does not irritate the lining of throat while passing in the lung.