Find Out If You May Become Fat in the Near Future

Some Basic Details to Start with

What is your Daily Routine? How much Physical Exertion do you undergo daily?

I am an athlete / sportsperson. Play regularly. Very Active.
I am a salesperson and have to travel quiet a lot. Walk about 5 miles each day.
I have desk job, but I do travel a bit and could be walking about 2 miles day.
I am a home maker. Household chores for about 5-6 hours per day. Average Activity.
I have a desk job. Light Travel. Hardly any physical activity
I have almost no physical activity.

How Often Do You Exercise?

More than 1 hour per day
30 minutes per day
2 hours a week
I do exercise, but less than 1 hour a week
No fixed pattern, really
I do not exercise at all

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