How To Get Rid Of Salt from Body: 8 Ways to Reduce Sodium in Body

Salt is considered to be an essential nutrient for maintaining body electrolyte and performance of optimum cellular function. Almost 5000 years ago human beings started using salt in their diet. However, the consumption of salt today in our diet is at least 20 to 30 times more than what our ancestors used to consume. Excess utilization of salt in our diet has become a growing concern because of its adverse effect on human health. Although salt provides taste and flavor to our food in excess it can invite several serious health condition including hypertension, stroke and cardiovascular diseases.

In excess it is a cause for retention of fluid and swelling in the body. For normal physiological functioning we need only 4g of sodium (salt) in a day. But instead salt consumption reaches far beyond this limit in our daily food. Fortunately there are several natural ways that you can try to reduce salt intake and try to get rid of too much of salt from your body.

How to get rid of excess salt from body:

Today there is very less awareness about salt as health issue. In olden days people use to eat diet consisting of natural plant and animal food.

But now processing of food has added increased amount of salt in regular diet. Let us find out ways to reduce and get rid of excess salt intake in diet.

  1. Drink excess of water daily as it helps to increase urine output and at the same time sodium through urine. Drink at least 8 to 9 glass of water in a day. It is a simple detox method where the added advantage is your body is kept well hydrated.
  2. Eat fresh rather than packaged food. Packaged food contain high amount of sodium. Some amount of salt is needed for well functioning of body cells, these you can easily get from homely prepared food. Avoid canned foods or soups, frozen food, deli meat, etc.
  3. Eat fresh vegetables and fruits as they have low amount of sodium in them. It also helps to eliminate too much of salt as it gets digested.
  4. To make the meal tastier you can replace salt with other spices. Add garlic, pepper, oregano, parsley, curry powder etc in your meal.
  5. Read sodium content on food label. Almost every processed food items and canned food have amount of salt written on the label.
  6. Eat less as restaurants and outdoors. The food served in such places has excess of salt. Cultivate habit of eating food prepared at home. Here adding salt in your diet is in your control.
  7. Exercise daily as it is good for your health. Exercises such as walking, jogging, dancing, or any other physical activity produces perspiration. Your body removes impurities and salt through perspiration. It is one way to flush off salt from body. However, to counter dehydration caused by perspiring excessively, drink water before and after exercising.
  8. Avoid cottage cheese as it although does not taste salty, it may be containing high amount of sodium in it.