How To Get Rid Of Blue Veins On Chest? Blue Veins On Breasts Causes

You may have often observed people having prominent blue veins on their chest as well as on women’s breast. It may not be a painful condition but more of an unsightly and bothersome cosmetic problem. One should not neglect these veins as always to be normal; they may sometime indicate a blockage of blood vessel around the chest area or a mass in the chest compressing the large veins. These reasons are rare, more common reason is aging, genetics, hormonal changes, losing weight very fast etc.

Most of the time, the veins usually fade, but in some cases they become a constant reminder as they stay for a long time.

If you are concerned about getting rid of blue veins on chest then there are several options available for you, they include scelrotherapy, laser, as well as application of creams and moisturizers containing vitamin K. Below are given causes of blue veins on chest in detail.

Causes Of Blue Veins On Chest And Breasts

As mentioned above enlarged, prominent blue veins may not only appear on legs, but they can be present on face, hands, chest and torso too. These veins are more visible in fair skinned individual.

  • One of the prominent reasons for appearance of blue veins on chest is genetics.
    Many people have hereditary component for development of blue veins on chest. This means, if your father, mother or siblings have history of blue veins on chest, you are vulnerable for the same.
  • Losing weight too fast can make your skin thin and fragile. This may lead to appearance of veins on chest as well as on legs and hands.
  • In women, rapid expansion of breast at the time of puberty, pregnancy and to some extent during menstruation can make the chest veins more visible. It’s all related to hormonal changes during this situation.
  • Women who undergo breast augmentation may also have prominent blue veins on their breast and chest. This is because at the time of breast augmentation the veins are pushed more towards the skin. Secondly there may be increase of blood flow in the vein.
  • Men and women who are regularly exercising, regularly doing weight lifting may have bulging and visible veins on chest. It is due to increase in blood flow in the veins.
  • People doing heavy physical work also have prominent veins on their chest as well as in their hands and shoulders.
  • Appearance of blue veins on chest may also be a sign of liver disease. Cirrhosis of liver is one such condition. However, there are many other associated symptoms such as accumulation of fluid in abdomen, enlarged abdomen, etc.

How To Get Rid Of Blue Veins On Chest?

It is necessary to first detect the cause for blue veins on chest. If there is an underlying serious triggering factor, then the treatment is focused in treating the serious condition such as a mass in chest or in breast etc.

If the cause is known to be due to pregnancy related or breast augmentation, then in most cases the veins fade after pregnancy. In case of breast augmentation, the veins will fade once the inflammation is reduced.

Conventional way of treating blue veins on chest are as follows:

  • Pulsed dye laser: It is a type of laser, where a particular intensity of light is emitted on the veins to reduce and fade them.
  • YAG laser is used when the vein is more blue and deeper. The wave length of this laser is long and can reach deep veins.
  • Sclerotherapy: It is a technique where a sclerosing agent is administered in the vein. It collapses the vein. However, most often this treatment is reserved for leg veins and seldom used in treating chest veins.
  • Applying vitamin K containing cream and moisturizer helps to strengthen the skin and increases the elasticity of the vessel. This is more useful in visible veins on woman’s breast.
  • If you want to camouflage the chest veins, use self tanner regularly. It hides the vein temporarily and it is better than tanning with UV rays.

Women should wear a good supporting bra. Because, unsupported breasts will have increase in blood flow in the vein due to gravitation. When the breast is supported with a well fitting bra, it will regulate the blood flow as well as help in disappearance of prominent blue veins.