Why Do I Wake Up With A Blocked Nose And Dry Mouth?

Dryness in mouth together with blockage of nose is not an uncommon issue. Many people wake up in the morning complaining of difficulty in breathing because of blocked nose. At the same time they have an irritation and dryness in mouth and throat. Normally the saliva secreted in mouth keeps it moist. If there is reduced secretion of saliva it can cause dryness in mouth.

Some people may experience dryness in mouth throughout the day, while in some dryness can be episodic or on specific time, such as soon after waking up from sleep in morning hours.

There can be host of factors associated for dry mouth accompanied with blocked nose. Some of the reasons may be related to environmental issue, and few of them due to certain sicknesses. Let us know the reasons for such discomforting condition.

What Causes Blocked Nose And Dry Mouth?

Dry mouth in medical terminology is referred as xerostomia. Normally we breathe through nose. The air entering into nose gets warm and moist with the help of nasal sinuses. Once the air becomes warm it enters into the throat and then in the lungs. If there is any blockage in the nose, it becomes difficult to breathe easily.

Hence we open our mouth to breathe. The air entering in the mouth is dry. It thus causes dryness of the inner surface of mouth as well as throat. Even if the outer atmosphere is warm and humid, breathing through mouth always results in dryness in mouth.

One of the main reasons for blockage of nose is common cold and sinus infection. In both the condition blockage occurs due to thickened mucus and inflammation of nasal lining. Person with sinusitis and common cold often breathe through mouth, particularly when he is asleep. Thus addressing nasal blockage and sinus infection considerably reduces dryness in mouth if that is the underlying cause.

Aside from nasal infection dryness in mouth and blockage of nose especially in morning may develop as a side effect of some medicines. There are numerous medicines that may cause dryness in the mouth and nose. One such drug is anti histamine. Other psychotic drugs also cause dryness of mucus membrane of nose and mouth.

Cigarette smoking can also cause dry mouth and nose as it reduces production of saliva and nasal mucus.

Dry mouth can be a sign of more serious condition called sleep apnea. People suffering from this disorder often experience dryness in mouth when they wake up in the morning. In this disorder patient frequently stops breathing for few seconds during night when asleep. This makes him breathe through his mouth as he gasps for breath.

Home Remedies For Blocked Nose And Dry Mouth

Blockage in nose and dryness in mouth most often is not a serious symptom. To cure the condition you may have to address the underlying problem that leads to blocked nose and dry mouth. For example if cigarette smoking is the cause you have to cease smoking and chewing tobacco in any form. If common cold is the cause, it usually disappears after 4 to 5 days. During this period you may have to drink enough fluid to liquefy the mucus.

If the cause is sleep apnea you may need special instrument for breathing easily as suggested by your physician. Some cases need surgery to correct obstructive sleep apnea. Keep the bedroom moist by using a humidifier if you are constantly suffering from dry mouth and blocked nose.