Yellow Hands and Feet: Causes, Home Remedies for Yellow Hands and Feet

Yellow Hands and Feet Means What?

Having yellow hands and feet are not actually a medical condition but a symptom of a possible serious health disease or infection. Having yellow feet and hands usually means that you have adrenal problems, hypothyroidism, and possible anemia. Hepatitis and liver problems can also lead you to have yellowish body parts or even your whole body.

Causes of Yellow Hands and Feet

Digestion and metabolism problems can be other possible causes. Once you start noticing that your feet and hands are getting yellow, you should immediately consult a doctor for proper diagnosis and treatment.

Another possible cause of yellow hands and feet is too much beta carotene in the body. Drinking excessive amount of carrot juice and eating too much yellow vegetables could make your hands and feet yellow.

Natural Home Remedies and Treatment for Yellow Hands and Feet Medical Condition

Seeking medical advice is a good option. But if you want your treatment to be natural and organic, you should get the advice of a naturopathic or homeopathic therapist. You can also opt to apply safe and effective home remedies that include:

  • Mashed potatoes. Peel a few potatoes and cut them into tiny pieces.
    Boil these pieces till the water thicken and the potatoes turn soft.  Mash the potatoes on the water you boiled on and apply them on your hands and feet till the mashed potato turns cold. You can repeat this procedure for a few days till the yellow color disappears.
  • Cut down your carrot juice intake and lessen your yellow vegetable consumption.
  • Drink plenty of fruit juices that are high in purifying and cleansing properties such as cranberry juice. This would help clean your internal organs especially your liver and flush out toxins.
  • If the cause of your yellow hands and feet is anemia, then you should eat fruits and vegetables that are rich in iron and vitamin B12. Taking lots of fibrous food will also enhance your metabolism and good digestion. Eating red meat And animal organ food such as kidneys and liver are also good sources if iron.
  • Getting enough sleep and rest can also get rid of the yellowness of your hands and feet if the cause is anemia.

How to Prevent Yellow Hands and Feet

Prevention is always better than cure. To avoid having yellow hands and feet, frequently wash your hands to eliminate microorganisms that may cause diseases such as hepatitis. Rinse your utensils well and make sure that you are eating well prepared food.