Yeast Diaper Rash Home Remedies: Causes, Symptoms And Prevention

A diaper rash is one of the most common problems that mothers and babies face. The presence of diaper rash creates enormous amounts of pain on the part of baby while destroying the softness and delicate texture of baby’s skin. As a matter of fact, most types of diaper rash are dreaded in the sense that they damage the integrity of skin but do not pose much damage other than this.

However, there is a specific type of diaper rash that causes redness, inflammation, and a stingy irritating feel on the affected part.

This type of diaper rash is none other than yeast diaper rash.

Yeast Diaper Rashes Symptoms

Yeast diaper rash infection is a kind of fungal infection that affects baby’s skin. The ailment begins with the softening and breaking down of the tissue surrounding baby’s anus. This area later becomes reddish and becomes inflamed, causing it to be a little elevated compared to other areas. In a short time, fluid becomes visible under the skin, particularly on swollen area. Later, small, raised, swollen and inflamed areas appearing at the periphery of main rash.

The appearance of this satellite infection is what distinguishes yeast diaper rash infection from other types of diaper rash.

Moreover, the infection is not limited only to the baby’s waistband. It can also appear in other areas such as the genital creases, abdomen, genital areas, and the thighs.

The ability to appear in folds of skin is another distinguishing feature of yeast diaper rash. This is because an ordinary diaper rash normally does not appear on folds of skin because the overlapping layer serves as a cover for the covered region.

Causes Of Yeast Diaper Rash

  • A soiled or wet-diaper, traps the urine and keeps the skin moist. Bacteria in the baby’s feces can produce skin irritation.
  • Fragrance found in disposable diapers, detergents, creams and lotions are other factors for diaper rash.
  • Moreover, yeast diaper rash infection is also transmittable to the mother or other persons who may come in contact with the infected area. Slowly the rash can spread to baby’s mouth area. As a result, when breastfeeding, there is a risk of infection being passed on to mother’s breast particularly the nipple area.
  • Yeast infection can also spread to upper gastrointestinal tract. This theory is widely accepted everywhere because it is noted that rash begins to appear when the baby suffers from gastrointestinal tract infection; hence treatment should be immediately sought.

Home Remedies To Cure & Prevent Diaper Rash

  • Apply petroleum jelly (to protect the skin from irritants in urine and feces) when the baby wears diaper. If the skin is severely cracked or inflamed avoid ointments.
  • Let the baby go diaper-less for a few hours. So that there is fresh air supply and circulation.
  • To avoid moisture build up, change diapers frequently.
  • For an irritating rash, rinse the baby’s bottom with water from a jug, then pat the area dry with a tissue.
  • Tight fitting diapers can cause skin irritation and block circulation of air. So the diaper should be worn appropriately.
  • Keep the baby’s bottom clean and dry.
  • During diaper changes use plain water to wash the area and pat it dry.
  • In some babies, baby wipes can promote skin irritation. So keep a watch on that.
  • Until your baby is 4 to 6 months old avoid introducing them to solid food.
  • Use super absorbent disposable diapers, having a highly absorbent middle layer that retains more urine at the center and keeps the skin dry.