Water on the Knee Treatment, Natural Home Remedies for Water on Knees

The knee is probably one body part that is generally prone to injuries and unfortunate conditions. One such predicament that our knees can experience is the so-called water on the knee. The term is generally used to describe fluid that is excessively accumulated around the knee joint or in the knee area. Medically, water on the knee is also called as knee effusion. This accumulation of water on the knee can be the result of trauma, injuries due to overuse, or an undetermined disease or fracture.

In some cases, the type of effusion on the knee depends on the condition of your knee area and could not necessarily affect the mobility of your legs.

Certain symptoms can occur but simple cases of effusion can be administered with water on the knee natural cures.

Water on the Knee Symptoms

As mentioned above, the type of symptoms for water on the knee varies depending on the underlying condition or disease the person has. Some of the causes for water on the knee include the following signs along with the possible disease.

  • Pain is the first thing that a patient suffers with water on the knee. In some cases, people with osteoarthritis can experience this although the pain eventually subsides.
  • Another symptom for water on the knee is the unusual swelling and puffiness in the knee joint and bones.
  • Stiffness can also be experienced due to the confinement of excess fluid in the knee joint.
  • For people who have knee injuries, bruising can also occur due to the water present in the knee. You may see bruises on the front, sides, or behind the knee area.

Water on the Knee Home Treatment And Remedies

Water on the knee natural cures can include the following easy tips:

  • It is important that the body, especially the knee area, should be rested and kept away from strenuous activities. Ice pack application is also advised for at least fifteen to twenty minutes for pain relief.
  • When you are resting your knee, it is important that to keep your leg elevated with a pillow under it. This position will allow the water to pool out of your knee and enter the blood stream where the fluid can be circulated and excreted out of the body.

These water on the knee natural cures are just home remedies you can try in initially solving and relieving the discomfort associated with water on the knee. It is still important to consult your physician for this condition.