Toothache after Filling | Remedies and Cures For Toothache After Cavity Filling

Toothache after Filling is always a nasty situation to be in. in the words of those who suffer from it, it is so painful that at times it feels like you are about to lose your sanity to the numbing pain.

However, it is not only pain that worries the patient; to protect yourself from the tooth pain and after cavity filling, you should try any of the following home remedies:

Home Remedies and Treatment for Toothache after a Filling

  • Gargling lukewarm water and salt is one of the most effective and simplest home remedies to cure severe toothache.
    Simply pour lukewarm water into a glass and add two tablespoons of salt. Gargle on this concoction, making sure that the aching tooth will be washed by this mixture. This is known effective in reducing bacterial activity, which is the common cause of toothache.
  • Another common homemade remedy in the Orient is using the herb known as herba buena. Simply fold a leaf of this plant, then pound it lightly. Dip it in fine salt and rub on the aching tooth. Alternatively, one may place the leaf on the wedges among teeth closest to the aching one.
  • Apply lime on the aching tooth. To do this, one may use a toothbrush or through one’s fingers. The efficiency of lime is due to it being a rich source of vitamin C that is great for nourishing the teeth and bones in the body.
  • For those who love chewing garlic, continue doing so and you will kiss toothaches goodbye. Garlic is rich in substances that kill bacteria causing the pain. Aside from chewing, one may take a clove of garlic and dip it in salt then rub on the aching tooth. Not only does it relieve the pain, it also cures toothaches.
  • Onion is also a great home remedy for toothache. Chewing onions for at least three minutes each morning cleanses the mouth of bacteria, including those that trigger toothaches. Alternatively, one may place a small piece of onion beside the aching tooth for relief.
  • A mixture of pepper and table salt is also another effective home remedy for the treatment of toothache. Not only does it kill bacteria causing the pain, it also decreases the sensitivity of the tooth, thus allowing the person not to be too susceptible to pain.

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