Tips to Straighten Your Hair | Naturally Make Hair Straight at Home

One of the fads of today is donning straight hair. It is one of the latest trends in fashion that has many women seeking to convert their curly hair into the beauty of straight hair. However, hair straightening techniques are very costly. And require several sessions to maintain.

Tips on How to Straighten Your Hair Naturally

If you happen to be one of those worrying about the price of straight hair beauty, then you can smile for now with this natural ways to straighten your hair:

  • Apply fresh coconut milk regularly.
    Bathing with coconut milk is known to straighten your hair because coconut milk contains nutrients that can straighten your hair. Apply the coconut milk after your last rinsing and leave it on the hair for at least 5 minutes. After this, you may rinse your hair with water only. Do not use shampoo or soap as these can take away the nutrients from coconut milk.
  • Castor oil is another effective substance that you can apply to make your hair straight.
    After bathing, generously apply castor oil to your hair then dry it with the use of hair dryer. For best results, make sure to have the dryer on high heat setting, combing your hair as you dry them. Also make sure to dry each section of the hair instead of liberally drying it as you please. After drying, moist each section with a moist towel to complete the hair straightening effect.
  • Prepare a mixture of fresh coconut milk and lime juice. Extract fresh coconut milk of a whole coconut and add a half cup of lime. Mix the two thoroughly until it becomes homogenous in appearance. Repeated application of this mixture results to a straighter hair in a matter of days. This is also a healthier procedure for the hair because coconut milk is known to be beneficial for the health of your hair as it contain nutrients to make your hair look smooth and shiny.
  • Believe it or not, the beverage that doctors say will make you healthy is also beneficial for your hair. Mix in a spray bottle a third of a cup of milk and the same quantity of water. Make sure to use fresh milk and not the powder variety. After bathing, spray the mixture on the hair and leave it for at least 20 minutes. Comb your hair while spraying to ascertain that it will seep into each individual hair. Rinse with water only.


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