Tight Chest after Eating: Pressure and Tightness in Chest after Eating

When we eat, we seldom experience problems right after finishing our meals. But for people frequently experiencing tight chest after eating, this could one of the symptoms for diseases or other abnormality inside our body. However, before we identify what is the main problem why you experience this discomfort after eating, it is important to know the causes first so that you can find solutions in resolving this eating problem.

Causes of Chest Pain or Tight Chest after Eating After Eating

  • A person may experience pressure in his chest that results to tightness and pain in the upper part of your body if he has gastroesophageal disease, commonly known as GERD.
    GERD is a digestive problem because the fluid in the stomach passively flows back into the esophagus thereby causing heartburn.
  • A person experiencing heartburn feels a burning discomfort in his body below the breastbone. Heartburn may also lead to bloating and gas and it is a common sign of reflux disease and also one of the causes for chest pain after eating.
  • Another reason why a person feels tightness in his chest after eating is the difficulty in swallowing food from the mouth to the esophagus.
  • Heart palpitations can also accompany chest pain after eating.
    This may probably be caused by extreme indigestion. Eating too much can lead to indigestion and fatigue.
  • Gastritis can also be the reason for chest pain after eating. This happens because of the inflammation of the stomach lining that is due to irregular diet, overeating, and eating unhealthy food such as coffee, alcohol, and oily foods.


Remedies for Tightness and Pressure in Chest after Eating

There are available treatments for people experiencing chest pain after eating. Unless you have consulted your doctor, the following can be effective in relieving chest pain.

  • Most importantly, a healthy diet and appropriate eating habits are two important things to follow to resolve problems accompanied with eating such as chest pain and other eating discomforts. A good eating diet means avoiding junk food such as chocolate, fatty foods, and alcoholic beverages.
  • Proper hydration is also necessary to allow the food to be digested smoothly. Drinking seven to eight glasses of water a day is one effective way to aid in smooth digestion.
  • Remember also to follow a healthy diet that includes the proper timing of the three main meals of the day.


  1. S M said:

    I have been suffering with chest heaviness or tightness I don’t know exactly how to describe it. This problem started when I was taking a diet pills call zantrax. Few days after I started taking these pills I had this problem.

    I have done medical checkups like chest x ray, scope and blood test so on. Doctor can’t detect the actual problem but they did say could be due to stomach acidity, till today problem is there.

    January 6, 2011
  2. Carol said:

    I am feeling tightness in my chest for which I visited a hospital. I got done an EKG, blood work etc. They suspect it to be gastritis for which they gave me antacids and other medicines. They also suspect swelling in my pancreas. Can gallstone also cause such type of pain?

    August 24, 2013
    • PUP said:

      You have been thoroughly checked by the doctors in a hospital. The symptoms of gallstone usually are more prominent on right side of chest and upper abdomen. Pain is characteristic and severe. However, such tightness can also occur with other symptoms of gallstone. Gallstones can also cause pancreatitis. To rule out gallstone, sonography and CT scan of abdomen is very useful. If you suspect that to be a reason, consult your doctor to clear your doubts.

      August 27, 2013
  3. Nicole said:

    I have had tightness in my chest, hard to breathe and pain in upper right side under the rib cage for over four months. I have had numerous tests like X-ray, CT scan, ultra sound and blood tests. Everything is normal and they cannot find the actual cause but I cannot continue to live like this. It is affecting my daily life. Can anybody suggest as to what can be the cause?

    June 10, 2017

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