Tickly Throat Feeling Causes: Remedies to Get Rid of Persistent Tickly Cough

Question: I have Persistent Tickly throat and cough? Can you tell me some simple remedies and tips to get rid of tickly cough / throat?


Tickly Throat Causes

Coughs as well as other nasal irritations, allergies, or just throat tickles are generally irritating to the body. The one thing that you just want to do is to get rid of these irritations as they can cause distractions in your daily activities especially when talking and you throat starts to tickle. Tickly Throat is probably the most common complaint individuals have with their everyday living.

This can be a total discomfort particularly when you are roused from sleep because of the tickle in your throat.

However, Tickly Throat is fortunately not a major problem since treatment can be done in the comforts of your home.

How to Get Rid of Tickling Feeling in Throat

  • One thing that can help you get rid of the tickling sensation in your throat is by raising your fluid level. This means that you should drink more water to avoid the dry and itchy feeling in the throat. Drinking water is a good Tickly Throat treatment that will keep your throat moist.
  • You can also choose to heat a glass of water and add salt until the water is lukewarm and then gargle for about three to four times a day. This salt water gargle will keep your throat from irritation.
  • Honey is also useful in treating your dry throat. You can add two spoons of honey in a glass of lukewarm water and add lemon juice to the mixture. Drink this for at least two to three times a day to rid of Tickly Throat.
  • Hard candy and mild lozenges can also help ease the tickling feeling in your throat.
  • Moreover, your throat and your vocal chords also need their rest. So as much as possible, be gentle with your throat.
  • One way of clearing your throat is by sharply sniffing and quickly swallowing. You can try this simple solution when clearing your throat every now and then, as this is also one way of conditioning your vocal chords.
  • In some cases, throat tickling might be the result of reflux after eating meals or when sleeping. In this regard, you can try taking antacids to clear out your throat.
  • The mixture of apple cider vinegar or onion and honey in a glass of water is also one Tickly Throat treatment that can help you. Drinking a mixture of these natural cures to clear out your throat is also a good way to lessen the body’s resistance to certain drugs.

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