Swollen, Inflamed Taste Buds: Painful, Burning Tastebuds Home Remedies

Having swollen taste buds is a nasty condition to find yourself in. Not only because they are painful, it also affects your taste for foods, your appetite, as well as chewing food itself.

Home Remedies and Treatment for Swollen, Inflamed Taste Buds

So if swollen taste buds ruin your day, cure the problem with any of these treatments:

  • Apply baking soda on the swollen taste bud. This will cool the swelling, reducing it and ultimately curing it. However, be careful not to burst the taste bud as this can cause greater problem for you.
  • Apply ice on the swollen taste bud. This will not only cool it down, this will also reduce the swelling and the stingy feeling associated with the condition. When applying ice, press it against the swollen taste bud, but make sure not to press it for too long as this will disrupt the flow of blood in the tongue. On the other hand, you can use this ice application as frequently as you desire.
  • Gargle with warm water and salt. This is a good remedy for swollen taste buds. However, in order to avoid aggravating the problem, make sure that you can tolerate the water; otherwise, you will scald your tongue and trigger more problems.
  • While having a swollen taste bud, make sure to practice oral hygiene such as regular brushing and gargling with mouthwash. This is to diminish bacterial activity or eliminate them totally from the mouth. Bacteria are known to worsen the problem associated with swollen taste bud, so it is important to keep them in control.
  • When dealing with bacteria in the mouth, another effective means to keep them in control is through consumption of unsweetened yogurt. Yogurt contains live microorganisms which increase the number of micro flora in the mouth, thus creating a balanced environment.
  • In order to avoid the condition from becoming worse, make sure to avoid touching the swollen taste bud, especially with bare fingers as this may trigger more irritation with the introduction of more bacteria into the affected area.

Other things that you can do to control the negative impact that swollen taste buds have on your mouth are to avoid smoking and drinking alcohol beverages as these can irritate the swollen bud. On the other hand, if irritation persists and the swelling doesn’t subside despite efforts to treat it, seek the advice of a doctor as the swelling may be caused by something else more serious and harmful.