Swollen Gums Pain | Home Remedies and Treatment for Gum Pain Swelling

There could be variety causes of gum pains, which is the reason why it could be hard to determine the kind of treatment for gum pain. The treatment is dependent on what is causing the pain.

The primary gum pain cause is gingivitis; however, there are other serious forms of gum disease that will likewise trigger the pain. Trauma to the gums like having burns or gouge from food, drinks, or a foreign object. There are several treatments for the gum pain which would include prescription medications and over-the-counter medicines.

Home Remedies and Natural Treatment for Swollen Gum Pain

Treatment for gum pain varies depending on what is initially causing it.

There is the option of treating the pain only, but dentists highly recommend treating the underlying cause of the gum pain at the same time repressing the pain.

  • If the damage is caused by taking in a hot or a hard food, it will naturally heal on its own. So that the dentist recommends only numbing treatments.
  • If the gum pain cause is gum disease, treatment for gum pain can be somehow complicated and will need the supervision of the dentist. There are certain treatment products that are prescribed to relieve gum infection pain but trigger the disease on the gums to exacerbate.
  • Salt and water rinse, which provides a temporary relief for gum swelling and pain can also heal abrasions and gum sores. A teaspoon of table salt into a cup of warm water can have a general soothing effect on gum pains. Although there may be a sharp stinging sensation at the beginning, the pain will subside afterwards. It can also help draw and drain out an abscess on the gums.
  • Medicines for pain like ibuprofen are a common treatment for gum pain. It is known to reduce gum swelling and pain. There are topical pain relievers that may be used; however, they are not applicable for open sores and lesions because they can cause damage on the exposed sensitive tissues.
  • Mouth wash that has alcohol content is good for the bacterial growth in the mouth. There may be an initial numb sensation on the gums but it helps dry out the gums and mouth sores and will kill the bacteria that is causing the pain and inflammation.
  • Natural oil such as tea tree and clove oil are proven to provide gum pain relief. These two have antiseptic properties which kill the bacteria and stop them from multiplying. Clove oil, which has eugenol, is a phytochemical that that has anesthetic properties, while tea tree oil, which is a known analgesic, can also be an effective treatment for gum pain.