Sun and Heat Blisters on Lips: Water Blister in Mouth Home Remedies

Sun blisters on lips are the small pocket of fluid found along the lips usually resulting from exposure to the sun. Generally, heat blisters on lips, around the mouth and gums is the body’s response to infection such as fever, colds and other respiratory infection. It can also be triggered when a person is under stress, feeling fatigued, and during a menstrual period. Blisters have to be intact and unbroken to protect the skin from bacteria and thereby reducing the possibility of infection.

Causes of Sun, Heat Blisters on Lips

Blister formation happens when the body’s immune system is low.

Herpes virus is a virus already present in the body and attacks when it is triggered by some conditions.

Water blister mouth is also found in people with low B12 content and with calcium deficiency. Sun blisters on lips or fever blisters are quite contagious, which is why infected persons should avoid sharing personal things and utensils to other persons.

It can also be transmitted through skin contact and so it is important to refrain from kissing a person with heat blisters on lips. You should change your toothbrush right away when fever blisters are apparent to avoid spreading it further.

Prevention of Sun Blisters

Poor diet is the common cause of sun blisters on lips because when the body lacks the needed supplements, its immune system will eventually decreases giving viruses such as the herpes virus to attack.

If you see signs of fever blister coming, avoid foods rich in arginine, a component that increases the reproduction of herpes virus in the body.

Foods that have to be avoided include chocolates, grains, oatmeal, peanuts, peas, seeds and whole wheat products, and instead, take calcium supplements and calcium-rich drinks like milk.

Home Remedies for Water Blisters and Sun Blisters in Lips, and Mouth

Having sun blisters on lips can be painful, and it can last for as long as two weeks. Unfortunately, there is no direct cure of these blisters but only some remedies that can help lessen your suffering.

  • Vitamin E will help relieve pain.
  • Vitamin C and Zinc tablet shortens the duration of heat blisters on lips.
  • Applying cornstarch and dabbing camphor on the affected area also lessens the duration.
  • A mixture of aloe juice and grapefruit seed extract is an efficient way of treating blisters.
  • Dabbing the blisters with ice cubes will not only help relieve pain but it also stops promoting the infection.
  • Lemon balm extract speeds up the healing process.