Facial Hair Growth in Women | Stop Facial Hair Growth Naturally

As women age, the chances of struggling with facial greatly increases especially in ages over thirty years old. Even though razors and other products made to remove hair are available almost anywhere in the market, permanent hair removal is just one big thing that most women want to avail.

However, there has been not a single way to permanently stop the growth of facial hair, but there some procedures that can prevent hair growth for over long periods. There are few to moderate chances that facial will not grow anymore after doing some procedures to stop facial hair growth naturally but other treatments can help minimize the hair growth.

Home Remedies to Get Rid of Women’s Facial Hair Growth

  • One of the ways you can prevent the growth and re-growth of hair in your face is by buying and taking oral medication. Flutamide, for example, is widely used to slow down receptors responsible for hair growth. Flutamide is an effective medication for stopping hair growth in the facial area.
  • Another useful method is by putting topical cream in the face. There are some clinically proven products that are available in the market that eliminates or minimizes the growth of facial hair. However, using topical products must be prescribed by doctors since some stores do not sell without prescription.
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  • Electrolysis can also be the solution for your facial hair. Electrolysis follows some procedure that destroys the main follicle of the hair. If you undergo through this process regularly, the chances of preventing hair growth is high.
  • If you are not so much into medical treatments, you can try using herbal supplement to stop facial hair growth naturally. There are some supplements that consist of enzymes especially made to stop hair growth.
  • Another option you can take is through facial wax. Facial waxing damages the hair follicles and will likely stop facial hair growth. Although waxing your face can be really painful, dermatologists or skin professionals can best assist you with this process.
  • Laser hair removal can also be effective as it remove facial hair under extreme heat to kill the follicles. Laser removal has been proven to stop hair growth or in the least minimize its occurrence.
  • Shaving using an epilator can also temporarily help you deal with facial hair. Epilators relieve you from hair growth for a period of time. Unfortunately though, shaving with epilator is a really painful process.