Spider Bite Home Remedies: Treatment & Remedy for Spider Bite Swelling

Spider Bite
Spider Bite

Spiders are nice creatures to look at. Eight-legged and some being tiny, they are fun to play with especially when pitted against each other in a wrestling match. As a matter of fact, they are so well-loved by humans, otherwise, Spiderman will not be a famous character. Nice though they are, they have a nasty secret that can debilitate any human being. Carrying poisonous stings, they are indeed fearsome all because of the deadly impact their venom can have on anyone unfortunate enough to be bitten by a spider.

Just like with snake bites, a spider bite treatment is very important for people to understand to prevent venom spreading in the body and avoid paralysis and even cheat death.

Spider Bite Home Remedies and Treatment

Although most spiders are harmless even if they bite, it is nonetheless better for all to be familiar with how to treat a spider bite, so as to give first aid to anyone attacked by a spider. As such, listed below is some of the most common spider bite treatment:

  • Regardless of whether the spider that bit you is poisonous or not, one must always make sure to clean the wounded area immediately after being bitten.
    This is to make sure that one will not develop any harmful effect on the affected part such as swelling and even possible infection. In cleaning the wound, substances that are commonly used are Betadine and alcohol. However, before application of any of these, one must first wash the wound with soap and running water so as to wash off any saliva from the spider that may stick to the flesh or skin.
  • If one thinks that a spider that bit is poisonous, this is usually confirmed by numbness and irritation of the affected area shortly after the bite. If this develops, the treatment for spider bite suggested by doctors is to reduce one’s movement that will likely spread the poison in the bloodstream. Thus, one must refrain from jumping or running when numbness is felt. It will also be good if one will apply ice on the affected part. This is done to reduce the inflammation while waiting for medical personnel. This form of spider bite treatment also involves the application of Aloe Vera on the bite area to provide a soothing feeling.
  • Any form of infected spider bite treatment always demands the positive identification of the spider in question. This is needed by medical personnel in order to make sure about the spider bite treatment that will be administered to the person.