Sore Throat and Earache Home Remedies: Throat and Ear Pain Treatment

Sore throat and pain in the ears can be considered two of the most prevalent cases of body problems caused by bacteria and other factors. In some cases, these problems may not require a physician’s expertise and would normally be gone after three to four days. Instead, home treatments are the best option for taking care of these conditions. Here are some of the effective ways to cure sore throat and ear pain

How to Relieve Sore Throat with Home Remedies

  • Sore throats are usually caused by the streptococcus bacteria, which is the main reason for the inflamed and irritated sensation of the throat.
    Instant lozenges may help easing the symptoms of sore throat in less than an hour. You can also try zinc and benzocaine throat lozenges to ease the irritation. Cough drops or hard candy is also recommended for children.
  • Drugs such as analgesic, aspirin, acetaminophen, or ibuprofen can also help reduced the inflammation in the throat. These drugs, of course, depend on the prescription of the physician.
  • You can simply try to gargle with salt water solution or menthol mouthwash.
  • Throat spray with anti-inflammatory agents may also help ease sore throat in adults.
  • When you are brushing your teeth, be sure to include your tongue in sweeping off the bacteria in your mouth.
    Cleaning up your tongue also allows you to reduce the buildup of bacteria in the throat.
  • Ice-cold beverages such as a glass with crushed ice can help cure sore throat.
  • For one thing, avoiding unhealthy habits such as smoking is another way to treat sore throat.

Home Remedies for Earache or Ear Pain

Earache is one of the most common problems happening in children. Earache usually occurs after long hours of swimming or bathing. Bacterial development in the ear can also cause pain for some people. Hence, to help you deal with this problem, here are some easy ways to reduce earache.

  • Garlic oil applied on the affected area can be helpful in relieving the pain in the ear.
  • Vitamin E is also beneficial in treating earache.
  • A very effective antidote for infection is vitamin A. Hence treating the ear with this vitamin can lessen the infection.
  • Lastly, you can also treat earache by keeping it warm. Place hot water bottle on the ear. Infrared lamps have also been proven to treat earache since the heat miraculously heals the joints and muscles.