Smashed Finger | Remedies, Natural Cures and Tips to Get Pain Relief

Dropping some heavy objects into your finger or even accidentally smashing your thumb can be really enduring. You bet it is really one painful situation where you have to deal with even the swollen effect of having a smashed finger. It gets even worse when blood begins to form under your nail and gives the effect of bruising or much worse than that.

When the blood flows into the nail and develops a clot, there can be no other way to release it than just letting it slowly fade. This is because the blood is trapped inside the nail, and it can even cause your finger to swell.

Extreme pain can also be experienced and this is not a funny situation. However, there is no reason to feel fear with the effects of a smashed finger. Read on the following information to help you know the home remedies for smashed finger.

Natural Treatment and Home Remedies for Smashed Fingers

  • Some people over-react when they accidentally smash their fingers and immediately go to the doctor for treatment. However, if there are no broken bones or whatsoever, you can do first aid treatments or home remedies for smashed fingers. You do not need to stitch your finger because of the swelling with available natural treatments over the counter.
    But if the swelling continues and gets even worse, then seeking professional help is necessary.
  • When you go to the doctor, you will be charged with several fees. What’s even poorer is when you find out that the treatment your doctor will give can be done at home. This will just lead to more frustrations. Hence, it is always safe to observe your finger first before going to your doctor.
  • Moreover, to best avoid the occurrence of infection in your finger, you can take anti-bacterial medicines as treatment for smashed fingers to stop the infection or an anti-inflammation drug to prevent the worsening of the swell.
  • Not having insurance health plan does not mean you cannot treat your smashed finger with effective remedies. The internet offers you great expanse of information to check out what are the best home treatments as well as the things you should avoid.
  • Lastly, to avoid all the hassles and pain of having your finger smashed, always keep safety in mind. In the case of heavy objects, handle them with ease and caution. Always remember to relax and avoid accidents as much as possible especially when handling sharp and heavy items.